Why Is Chris Burch Making Headlines

Chris Burch has been making headlines mainly for the right reasons. Professionally speaking, Mr. Burch is an individual deeply in love with the fashion industry. To this end, he has been able to establish Burch Creative Capital, a luxury fashion company successfully. His profitable fashion corporation has made him the business mogul he is today. The successes experienced at Burch Creative Capital have also been brought about by the strong brand that Chris has created over the years.

His creative mind has seen to it that Mr. Burch develops systems that take advantage of consumer demands. Before developing his fashion corporation, Christopher took the time to understand customer behavior.

Besides, Chris is excellent at sales and marketing, skills that have enabled him to sell his products to a much broader audience. Apart from being a fashion die-hard, Chris Burch also has broad interests in the financial, hospitality, technological and production businesses.

However, Christopher Burch has become a household name in the recent past, mainly because of his new invention. He has brought to birth a five-star resort hotel right in the heart of Indonesia, an area surrounded by tropical beaches and coral reefs. Well, this is one ideal tourist destination in the world today.

The Nihiwatu Hotel is the best resort facility in the world. Before its purchase by Chris in 2012, it was a dilapidated and a rather unpleasant sight. However, thirty million dollars was the cost it took to have these place furnished to what it is today.

Presently, Nihiwatu boasts of twenty-seven private villas. It also harbors Christopher Burch’s home, which is commonly known as the Raja Mendaka. The Raja Mendaka is a resort point of its own, primarily because it harbors an enormous main house, four villas, and four plunge pools. Thus, Chris Burch has gone above and beyond to bring the fun close to home. The waters of the Indian Ocean on which the island sits on allows people to surf whenever conditions prove to be convenient.

To date, this hotel has become the major employer within the island. As much as Chris wants to make a profit using his newest form of innovation, he has also devised a way of uplifting the livelihoods of people living on the island. Christopher has come up with the Sumba Foundation, an organization whose mandate is to provide financial assistance so that local community projects can gain momentum.