Wengie’s Every Day Makeup Routine

While Wengie, in her makeup tutorial, admits she does not wear makeup every day, she shows her Youtube followers her go-to, simple trick to applying makeup that maintains a natural look, yet can also be glammed up for a night out on the town.

Wengie’s everyday look is completed with five beauty products and uses one color palette. Using Kate Von D’s light contour color palette, Wengie can complete a look that utilizes eyeshadow, face framing, highlighting, blending, contouring, and a smooth transition of colors within the palette.

Wengie begins by massaging her face with moisturizer to increase circulation and to get rid of any bloating and puffiness. She then blends her moisturizer with foundation to make the product spread easier and to create a lighter foundation. She uses her favorite tool in makeup application, a beauty blender, which aids in spreading her beauty products evenly.

Wengie recommends dressing up your natural lashes with your favorite mascara if you are going for a natural look. She also shows her followers her favorite false eyelashes from Tiny Minx, for those women looking for volume in their lashes.

Along with some liquid eyeliner, blush, and a nude coral lipstick, she completes the look. One tip she recommends for a matching blush is to use the same lipstick both on the lips and also to dab on the cheeks for a blush that does not compete with your lip color.

Wengie’s tips and advice can be utilized by the lazy woman that wants a fantastic look with simple tricks and the use of minimalistic products. The tips can also be used by the woman looking for a more glammed look, by using the extra tips provided by Wengie in the video.

For a simple woman, this one pallet process can change your life and save you undue stress when it comes to your beauty routine.


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