Vijay Eswaran’s Take on Leadership

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur who reaches out to business oriented people through his inspirational books. He handles almost all topics of life in his writings. Many people have said that they have massively benefited from the knowledge that Vijay imparts on them. One of his favorite subjects is about the qualities of a good leader. Vijay believes that leadership belongs to the few individuals who portray the characters of a good leader. Anyone who lacks these characteristics is bound to fail in any leadership post that he/she assumes. Vijay Eswaran believes that primarily, a leader should be ready to act as the servant. He gives the example of prominent leaders such as Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela who cared more about the welfare of others than theirs. Additionally, the following factors differentiate an excellent leader from a mediocre one.

  1. Care

Vijay Eswaran believes that for junior employees to take care of the clients as well as the institution’s assets, care has to trickle from above. Those at the helm must ensure that they are considerate of what their juniors are going through at all times. When the leader cares, there is a general feeling of happiness, and consequently, productivity rises. Vijay advocates that leaders should not take their positions as bosses. Instead, they should ensure that they are servant leaders who are always ready to go the extra mile for the success of the company.

For service industries that involve direct interaction with customers, care of employees is crucial. Vijay explains that when the leader cares about others, the employees will also care about the customers.

  1. Vision

Vijay believes that a leader who is not visionary is not worthy to lead others. He says that this vision has to be visualized by the other employees. They will feel excited and motivated when they know what is expected of them in the future. Lack of a vision is one of the primary reasons why some employees end up losing interest in achieving the company’s goals. It is only possible to avoid such an occurrence by clearly outlining the company’s vision to the employee. The leader should also lead by example so that others can follow.