Tidal Gaining Popularity Thanks to Desiree Perez’s Excellent Guidance

Tidal is known to be one of the small players in the music streaming industry but this is about to change for good. With Desiree Perez on the Tidal executive team, a lot of changes are expected, not the least of which being the new exclusive streaming feature that Spring customers will be able to enjoy. Despite many challenges in the recent past, including the change of management and stepping down of executives, Jay-Z, the founder of Tidal, is still going strong. He has abandoned his firefighting tactics, which are probably what caused Tidal so many problems, and has now adopted a proactive approach to the management of Tidal.  More to read on pagesix.com.

Perez is an expert in the business and entertainment sectors and knows how to attract customers to Tidal with amazing deals for members. In fact, the Tidal app is gaining popularity by the day despite having very limited resources at their disposal. One of its new strategies is featuring more new music, unlike other music streaming services which mostly focus on old music. This is clearly working in Tidal’s favor.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a world-renowned producer who is exceptionally good at what she does. She is known for her excellent skills at negotiation which make her a perfect fit for Tidal. Desiree was responsible for organizing a number of tours including the 2014 On the Run Tour by Jay-Z and Beyonce. She has worked with several other artistes, and has helped them a great deal in their musical careers. Her husband, Juan Perez, is the head of Roc Nation Sports.  Additional article here.


Thanks to Perez’s winning strategies, Tidal is making the news again because of its improved performance in the industry. The contracts she has helped the streaming service finalize have played a big part in helping Tidal claim its place in the market. Tidal is definitely going places with Desiree Perez on its team.  More updates on Dez on imdb.com.

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