Thor Halvorssen Continues To Use Pop Culture To Expose Human Rights Abuses

No human rights abusing unilateral dictator can hide from Thor Halvorssen. The 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation has set his sights on unilateral dictators around the world after experiencing the imprisonment of his father when he was young.

As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, a young Thor Halvorssen reached out to Amnesty International in order to get help for his father. His father was being held captive as a political prisoner in Venezuela. He was tortured during his 74 days in prison before his release was negotiated by international human rights groups. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

And despite the fact that the dictator of Venezuela ran a socialist government, Thor Halvorssen ensures anybody who would listen that he picks no sides politically. Democratic socialist governments in Norway, for example, are perfectly fine according to Thor Halvorssen. He points to their separation of powers, checks and balances, and vibrant democracy as examples of what good can come out of the socialist government.

Crunchbase said that, according to Thor Halvorssen, is when a government features unilateral power with no checks and balances.

The Human Rights Foundation has recently targeted the supreme leader of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea. Kim Jong Un is a third-generation unilateral dictator who rose to power through violence. He assassinated any political dissidents in his way, including his uncle, and has put his people through social torture. An estimated 3.5 million North Koreans have perished due to starvation and famine. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

The Human Rights Foundation travel to the border towns of South Korea in 2013 in order to release goods into North Korea via balloon. Informational pamphlets, cash and entertainment DVDs were floated into North Korea in hopes of educating its people.

And the actions of the Human Rights Foundation couldn’t come at a better time. A spotlight was on North Korea as they claimed responsibility for the hack of the Sony Corporation in retaliation for the release of the movie The Interview. The world’s attention amplified the actions of the HRF.

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