The Success of Gregory Aziz

The greatest lesson that you ever have to learn as an investor is that sometimes your dreams will take time and it’s your responsibility to protect them. Your goals and ambitions are worth the patience. The National Steel Car CEO and owner, Gregory J Aziz illustrate this better. He followed through his dreams despite it taking long. At the long run, he is living his dream, and it’s equally fulfilling.


The National Steel Car CEO began his career by attending the University of Western Ontario. He graduated with a degree in Economics. After school, he joined his family business which specializes in the sale of wholesale foods. Greg Aziz worked in the company, for more than a decade. His business skills were polished because in the years he was managing the business, it expanded its market to global levels.


With the business going so well, James Aziz would have decided to stay in business. However, he had in mind that he had his personal goals to pursue. He wanted to own the National Steel Car; then owned by Dofasco. He had big dreams for the company. In response to this, Greg Aziz moved to New York in the 1980s in search of the banking opportunities. This was in preparation for his purchase of the National Steel Car.


In 1994, Gregory Aziz finally achieved half his mission. He managed to buy the company from Dofasco. The company was not in a good position at the time of the purchase. However, Greg Aziz has spent a lifetime waiting for this day, and he couldn’t give up on his dream, just when he was getting started.


He organized his employees and encouraged team building sessions. The company could not be successful without cooperation. They had to be ready to work together, to see the company achieved its goals. He also worked in maximizing the profits of the company by minimizing the cost. He had the experience of running an empire from his previous job and having majored with economics in the University; he had the required skills to save a business.


The strategies of Greg worked because, in 1999, the output of the company doubled. The present employees could not handle the workload, and he, therefore, doubled the number of employees. The National Steel Car has gone through a lot of changes in the past years to fit the customer needs. Gregory Aziz promises to continue improving the products and services of the National Steel Car.   Refer to This Article for more information.