The Reward of Focus from Omar Yunes Life

Yunes Determination from young adulthood

Omar Yune has remained focused throughout his life since he was age 21 and in 2015, he received a global reward because of his diligence and focus. His mind was clear on what he wanted to attain for his future such that he did not have time to waste with his peers. At that young age, he applied to get a license as a franchise for Sasha Itto and operate in Mexico. It is possible that he never imagined that he would be the award winning guy in the world as the best franchise in a contest with thirty-four participants. However, you know the power of hard work, motivation and focus and how they have skyrocket someone’s success. Focus ensures that one is not derailed from the course they have set themselves to realize. As such, Yune was determined, remained passionate and motivated about what he was doing.

Omar Yune and the Global BFW Reward

The award he got is not a small thing since it is an acknowledgment that in that year throughout the world he was found to stand out above Mexicans and also global franchises, something that does not come easily. He stands out in the hospitality industry, and the brand has gone beyond country borders to other nations in the world.

Apparently, Omar is one humble person since after receiving the award he did not take the pride inwards and boast of how focused and motivated he was. He gave credit to his employees in his thirteen Franchise units who had worked tirelessly hard to ensure quality products and excellence in customer satisfaction. That was amazing and depicted the marks of a great and outstanding leader who is worthy to be emulated. The CEO of Sushi Itto Network was delighted to see Omar attain the reward. To him, the award was not only to Omar Yunes but to the Sushi Itto Network, in general, showcasing it as a brand of reputation characterized by quality and excellence.