The commitment of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to A Better Fashion

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders Techstyle Fashion Group. This company has various categories of other sub-companies which include beauty, clothing and accessory companies. Even though the two individuals had little knowledge about fashion, they managed to establish the company because they had strong desire to excel and well broad understanding of what the consumers need.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg first met in Intermix Company. At the age of fifteen years, Goldenberg had already immersed himself in the world of business. His first business firm was called Gamers Alliance. This was an advertising company network that had specialized in gaming websites. In 1999 he sold the company to Intermix Media and later joined Intermix Media as the Strategic Planning Vice President. At the age of twenty years he was he climbed the ladder of leadership to become the Chief Operating Officer. Don Ressler connected with Intermix Media in the same way as Goldenberg. In 2011 he sold his website, to Intermix Media. This was after the site had raised capital for many online companies.

As the two worked together in Intermix Media, they developed a friendship. This friendship resulted in them founding an e-commerce company called Intelligent Beauty in 2006. They went ahead and established other productive brands. As they worked together in their businesses, they started thinking of an online shop. This was after they had identified that people demanded comfortable and chic clothes and that many consumers had a rough time in getting personalized fashion.

The techstyle company was first known as JustFab. The company deals with fashion and give consumers a chance to have personalized accessories and clothes each month. It also shows how to match and mix fashions allowing the members to have confidence in styles of preference.

Through Ressler’s and Goldenberg dedication to social responsibility, the company has been able to be successful. For instance, they do not only focus on operating an excelling corporation and making profits, but they also focus on ways of improving the lives of people by making clothes that make people feel confident in what they are doing. Additionally, the company is also focused in giving back to the society. For example, they have hosted many charity events such as Cinderella project event as well as being involved in community garden projects.

The two individuals have great potential to succeed in many other areas, but at the moment they have chosen to make Techstyle the top source of all fashionable clothes in the world.

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