The Achievements and Strategies of Highland Capital Management

The role of Highland Capital is about the provision of consultation services related to investment. They work in close cooperation with its associates and they currently have assets with a value of about $14.9 billion. It is for this reason that categorization places it among the best managers globally through acting as one of the best alternative choice to its competitors. The focus of the firm is in line with credit policies. For instance, the exceptional and troubled situations secretive equity, the CLOs together with the long-only funds as well as separate accounts.
Additionally, the Highland Capital enhances the provision of substitute investments. They include equities, the developing markets as well as natural properties. Equities, in this case, include both the short term and the long term. The firm’s extensive client base is made up of pension strategies, organizations, the government, the financial societies, high-net-worth personnel as well as organizations.
Dallas, Texas is the base of the Highland Capital Management’s headquarters. The locations of the office facilitating the firm’s maintenance include Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore and New York.
Mark Okada and James Dondero are the founders of the company. The establishment took place in 1993. The firm has continually survived despite the availability of a stiff competition all along. The cause of success is behind the capability to make the choices that are correct alongside the role of prioritizing the categorizations. The firm considers that the community is most important. The society is thus the one that gets the most attention before any other individual or group.
As well, the firm indulges in ventures in other areas outside of the financial markets. They are, therefore, able to invest suitably in the areas of residence and work of their employees.
Remarkably, there are various financial corporations universally. That clarifies the availability of different grounds for the survival of different firms. The existence of adequate resources and a skilled managerial staff is essential. It ensures that the company operations go on smoothly without encountering losses. The fact that the corporation has all the demands necessary for success in the market explains its continual survival up to this time.