Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

There are many things the general population knows nothing about the technology industry and the fashion industry as well. According to Chris Burch, the two industries have numerous similarities which make them inseparable at all stages of their growth and development. There are many pieces of evidence of this statement from history. Chris Burch is a business entrepreneur based in the United States. For more than four decades, he has worked in the business industry founding and selling more than 50 companies. His experience in business and entrepreneurship has worked to develop mechanisms of generating profit in the Financial and technology worlds. In the recent past, he has had a great attraction towards the fashion and technological industry. For this reason, he has founded a company which has its roots developed to sustain the fashion and technical industry in the United Sates. Chris Burch is the President and Founder of the Burch Creative Capita Company based in the United Sates.


The technology industry, as well as the fashion industry, has many things in common. In fact, the two industries are brothers when it comes to growth and development. According to Chris Burch, he has no difference in the determination of their business structures and management. Moreover, there is one constant which remains among the two industries. Both industries work to grow together in all courses of action. According to him, fashion has evolved over the past few years to become technologically fashionable. On the other hand, technology evolves to become fashionable through its outcomes. It is so fascinating to trace back and see how the industries have grown together in their journey. We will have light shed on the future when we look at the past and present events.


The 70s brought about the invention of the boom box as the best technology in music during those days. For this reason, it allowed the user to walk around carrying their favourite tunes and stations with the boom box. While you were listening to music on the other side of the tool, you had access to the other deck which was used to record the playing music. For this reason, its use was adopted into the 80s. When the 90s dawned, the introduction of a more personalised item was brought up by technology. The introduction of the Walkman became the fashion of the day. Everyone was eager to have this technology with them because they considered it more fashionable.