Talk Fusion Now Offers More than Marketing Solution

Talk Fusion, a Network marketing company, introduced a new online training program called “Talk Fusion University.” Bob Reina, CEO and founder of the company, who has many years of experience in network marketing industry, is the one offering the training.


This will be successful venture since Bob Reina is a popular contributor for MarTech Adviser and HuffPost. Additionally, Bob has a large following across the globe which makes it easy for him to reach out to many people. This move is a win because Bob Reina regularly gives out motivational messages through Facebook Live.


The University so far hosts over 30 videos. Since there are many self-proclaimed networking experts, Talk Fusion intends to be different from others by focusing on performance and price and the fact that Bob Reina is the trainer who is a proven expert. Talk Fusion University was launched in June 2017 in English and Bahasa and they intend to translate to other languages. The site is now open to the public.


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is also its CEO. It is a global business that offers video marketing products. Their marketing packages are so enticing where the customers have a 30- day free Trial in using Video Marketing Solution. Independent Associates market the company’s products in over 140 countries. Additionally, these products are so flexible, and anyone can access them easily.


Talk Fusions’ mission is to change peoples’ lives by helping them grow their businesses. They assist businesses by offering them with unique products, and also they help them in marketing hence boosting sales through the use of videos that are memorable and persuasive.


The company has grown immensely because of having specialized personnel who create customized branding and services. They also offer priceless and exclusive value for the business. Their specialized employees also provide their clients with easy to use products which help businesses to achieve their goals. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is known to be a philanthropist company that seeks to give back to communities, friends, and animal charities across the globe.