David McDonald: A Strong Force and Pillar at OSI Group

David McDonald currently holds the position of COO and president at the reputable OSI Group, LLC. Prior to that, he served the capacity of a Project Manager at the OSI industries. He has served with various companies such as Marfrig Global Foods located in S.A. and the North American Meat Institute. Dave also serves as a board of director for the OSI Group. David McDonald attended Iowa State University where he acquired a degree in Animal Science. He kick-started his career at OSI Group serving as a project manager. Under his leadership, the company has made great steps in the competitive food industry by being able to meet and surpass the market needs globally. For instance, the company has established about ten Chinese poultry facilities which serve several recognized chain restaurants. David McDonald brings to the table experience of more than 30 years in the industry and his expertise and skills are highly sought-after! His goal is to ensure that he works with a team of talented and reliable individuals that embrace the evolving market technology in the food industry. The company purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch-based firm that focuses on processing of deli meat and other types of foods. As a result, the OSI Group is now able to penetrate the European market.

In an interview conducted by Inspirery, David McDonald reveals that his passion for gaining knowledge in Animal Science helped him get to his current prestigious position at the OSI Group. Also, his interest in agriculture and biology came in quite handy. He continues to say that their source of income for the company is through the sale of both meat and food products to renowned companies globally. At the same time, the company also provides various services to clients. Dave speaks out that OSI Group’s mission and goal is to ensure that they satisfy their clients’ needs at all times and costs. The company values their relations with their clients and other stakeholders which has greatly contributed to their success in the market. David McDonald continues to say that making wise decisions and having a realistic budget to work with has always worked to their advantage. He also says that being able to understand the different cultures in the market enables them to meet their clients’ specific needs effectively. David McDonald affirms that the company will continue being innovative and flexible to the upcoming changes in the market to ensure that they provide top-notch products and services to their esteemed customers.

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