OSI Food Solutions — More Chicken, More Life, Same Great Company

OSI group is one of the leading producers of poultry in the world. They’re responsible for turning in a massive percentage of fowl for South America, the United States, Europe, and Asia. These areas are massive consumers of beef, pork, and chicken products. Across Spain, the call for poultry has been increasing. OSI group has been in the lead in manufacturing these products. In step with reports from the Aurora, they’re currently growing their manufacturing capability by making an investment in their operations centers. These factories have previously been capable of producing a huge amount of chicken, now they will be capable of producing more. They’ve advanced their centers in Spain so much that the capability of poultry production was 12,000 tons, and now it’s doubled at 24,000 tons.

Thanks to the doubled manufacturing ability, OSI group in Spain is now capable of producing more than forty five thousand tons of meals. That is, they can produce 45,000 tons of pork, beef, and fowl for the entire region. The impressive undertaking has created 20 new jobs inside the factory and has increased the overall staff to 140 people. The improvements have been made in reaction to the demand for meat in Spain and Portugal. Those areas are eating more meat so OSI has taken the initiative to provide it. It’s an approach that will reap them many rewards.

OSI group is a private business enterprise with many public partners. They constitute suppliers inside the meal industry and the fitness industry. Their many customers are all thankful for the satisfactory meals they produce and eager to keep purchasing the meals for their customers. The large-scale building addition has brought the ability to produce more chicken than any other facility in Spain and has benefited each of the international locations since the day it was added. This cannot be ignored and it’s going to show its worth when the world’s demand for chicken grows to even higher levels. The call for chicken has multiplied at a constant pace over the last ten years and indicates no symptoms of slowing down, so OSI is predicted to be the primary supplier for many years to come.

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