Susan McGalla Helps Power Women Forward

Susan McGalla has accomplished a great deal in the world of business and has risen to high-level executive positions throughout her notable career. She is considered to be a trailblazer for women who also aspire to have successful careers in the boardroom. She is accustomed to proving herself and her worth every day and finds that she is not intimidated by ambitious men.

Her formative years in a competitive family helped shape her mindset and inform her sensibilities regarding earning things on merit alone. She grew up in rough and tumble fashion with two rambunctious brothers and a father who fostered all of their competitive ambitions as a football coach. They didn’t cut her any slack just because she was a girl and as a result, she entered the working world with a tenacity that has helped her climb the ladder.

One important chapter in the career of Susan McGalla was her time spent with American Eagle Outfitters where she had significant accomplishments. She was the first female executive in the C-suite and before her time was done with the company had risen to become their President.

McGalla is a proponent of females establishing mentoring relationships with top-level male executives as a way forward for women in business. She is convinced that this is a better way for women to gain the necessary skills and challenging projects that can help them climb the ladder. Another important factor that she considered in arriving at this conclusion is the continuing dominance of males in the highest executive positions.

Susan McGalla is also known for founding P3 Executive Consulting where she put her expertise in corporate retail to work for the benefit of other companies needing help. Her insights into the world of fashion gave her a platform to help others navigate what is considered to be one of the most volatile industries in the world.