Senior Notes Increased up to Hundred-and-Fifty Million Dollars

NexBank Capital Incorporation is a financial services company based in Dallas. It recently announced that private placement of its senior notes is successfully completed. The firm reopened the initial offering and then raised eighty million dollars more that brought the issuance to one-hundred-and-fifty million dollars. The interest of notes for five years is more than five percent, and then it will be based on the floating rate. Kroll Bond Rating Agency has assigned the BBB rating of investment grade. NexBank plans to use it for general corporate measures and repay selected indebtedness. The private offering of the notes was placed by Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P.

Chief Executive Officer and President of NexBank Capital Incorporation John Hold said that investors are showing confidence in NexBank and the proof is the oversubscribed placement. Additional funds have allowed the firm to fortify its balance sheet, and it will allow the firm to increase earnings and grow further. NexBank’s stability, selective approach, and financial strength has a good track record. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency validated the NexBank’s financial performance and credit quality by providing BBB rating.

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of NexBank Capital Incorporation Matt Siekielski said that it is another accomplishment of the firm which is attracting capital from a wide range of institutional investors. During the last twelve months, the firm has raised debt and equity of more than two-hundred million dollars. The funds will help in the organic growth of core businesses and provide capital in the future.

The services of NexBank can be divided into mainly three categories: commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. The commercial banking includes commercial lending, commercial real estate lending, financial institutions, credit services, agency services, and treasury management. Mortgage banking includes warehouse lending, wholesale & correspondent lending, and becoming a client. Institutional services include financial institutions, treasury management, investment banking, real estate advisory, and public funds.

NexBank’s seasoned professionals are devoted to providing clients with the guidance required during the entire funding process. The firm partners with investors, owners, and real estate developers throughout all stages of the real estate project.