Securus Technologies Has Successful 2017

Drones are seemingly everywhere these days. Chances are that you or one of your neighbors own one. They can be a lot of fun when used recreationally and can also be used for business purposes like aerial photographer. Prison officials across North America have a very different view of pilotless drones. They have seen an increase in contraband being introduced into their facilities via drones.


Securus Technologies, a leading prison technology company, has announced that help is on the way. They recently finished an 18-month trial that tested their new drone detection technology. The company was excited to announced that their initial was a massive success and expect to begin delivering the technology to prisons around the country in the near future. The technology is still capable of being fine-tuned and Securus is dedicated to perfecting it to help their customers combat crime. Illegal contraband such as drugs, tobacco, and weapons can be dropped into prison yards with pilotless drones and go undetected. With this technology these drones can be detected before they even get into the prison’s air space and thwarted.


The company is coming off a great winter that saw them receive 3 Stevie Awards for their outstanding customer service. The awards were presented to the company at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in February of 2018. Securus operates a 300-employee call center in the U.S. that provides customer service solutions to the 1.2 million inmates the company provides services to. The Dallas, Texas-based prison technology company employees over 1,000 full-time employees across four U.S. locations.