Samuel Strauch Shares Business Insights During An Interview With Ideamensch

Samuel Strauch was asked if he had a business idea that he is willing to give away to the readers of Ideamensch. A business idea that Strauch was willing to share with Ideamensch was to create or enter the specialized service market for retirees. Samuel Strauch says that there is now a large generation of baby boomers who are now retired or close to retiring. The sheer amount of people needing retirement related services creates a very big market with lots of opportunities for people looking to serve these people. Strauch also believes that serving these retirees can help society.

Ideamensch then asked what was the best $100 Samuel Strauch had recently spent on. His answer was the best $100 he spent was on eating out with his family and friends. Mr. Strauch says that the best things in life are experienced. They are not material objects or possessions that you purchase with money. Things like spending time with your family and friends are priceless according to Strauch.

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Samuel Strauch was also asked on what web services or software he uses in his business. A follow up was also asked. This was what he loves about the web services or software. Strauch responded by saying that his company uses custom tailored software and cloud based programs. He also like to use programs such as Pivotal Tracker, GoToMeeting and Dropbox to stay organized and on top of tasks. What Strauch loves about these programs and the cloud bases software is that he can literally work from anywhere. This gives him great flexibility and the ability to work outside his home or office.

The final question of the interview was what is one book that Samuel Strauch has read and he suggests the Ideamensch community check out as well. Strauch suggests that people check out the book titled 100 Years of Solitude written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He recommends it because the book helps to foster creativity and expand a person’s imagination.

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