Ryan Seacrest Takes Busy To A Whole New level

Ryan Seacrest has been going hard at his career since the early 90’s when he first started getting into radio. As one of the busiest and most spread out men in Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest is a familiar name all over the country thanks to his efforts across the board. On a regular basis, Ryan is taking on a dozen different jobs. This is only a slight exaggeration since he hosts various different radio shows, including On Air With Ryan Seacrest, which he started back in 2004. On top of this, Ryan even has his own clothing line that he manages along with all his celebrity and TV work.

In an article from nytimes.com, it says that Ryan also manages his very own foundation that works to help children all over the country and has various studios set up as well. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been going strong since 2010, bringing more life to children in hospitals. Ryan even appointed Selena Gomez to be the organization’s ambassador.

What truly brought fame to Ryan and his career was his position on American Idol, which was one of the most popular shows all across the nation at the time of his hosting. This shot Ryan Seacrest into the limelight to the point that he is often more famous than the celebrities he continues to interview on a regular basis at the red carpet.

Ryan is always looking to do more and expand his horizons because he loves his work and he loves working with others, especially on radio. It is easy to see why he is often regarded as one of the busiest men in the business. If it’s not his clothing line or his foundation or one of his many radio shows, Ryan is always bringing everything he’s got to the table and then some more. Retiring is out of the question at this point for Ryan and although he will have to lay down the towel one day, it is not coming any time soon.

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