Rocketship Education Pushes For Equality

Quality education should be afforded to all children and should have no restrictions. According to a recent article in The Atlantic, children born in or around the early 1980s into low-income families in San Jose, California, had virtually the same opportunities as children from middle- or upper-class families. While it seems that with the constant improvements in technology and other sectors, equality in education would evolve as well. Unfortunately, low-income families in the San Jose area face even more obstacles today.

Due to the rise in the cost of living, and decline in jobs available to middle- and low-class families quality education seems even more out of reach. Communities segregated based on financial status, and this has a direct effect on the opportunities for education.

By working in coordination with low-income communities, parents, and educators, Rocketship Education has developed a system of public charter schools geared toward providing equal education for all. Since opening their first school in 2007, the dedicated team of education enthusiast successfully opened 25 high-performing public charter schools in low-income communities.

Extending beyond the push for equality in education, Rocketship Education is an advocate for family and community involvement. Children need the full support of their families and educators to be successful. Studies show that children born into low-income families have higher levels of stress, forming a close-knit community of educators and families is essential to reversing the effects of high-stress levels in these students. In an effort to promote parental involvement, Rocketship Education has adopted a unique hiring process for educators. Instead of the traditional interview process which only includes school staff, prospective applicants are also required to attend interviews with parents.

Their unique approach of the Rocketship Education system and their commitment to equality has helped establish them as leaders in the fight for equal education.