Vijay Eswaran’s Take on Leadership

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur who reaches out to business oriented people through his inspirational books. He handles almost all topics of life in his writings. Many people have said that they have massively benefited from the knowledge that Vijay imparts on them. One of his favorite subjects is about the qualities of a good leader. Vijay believes that leadership belongs to the few individuals who portray the characters of a good leader. Anyone who lacks these characteristics is bound to fail in any leadership post that he/she assumes. Vijay Eswaran believes that primarily, a leader should be ready to act as the servant. He gives the example of prominent leaders such as Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela who cared more about the welfare of others than theirs. Additionally, the following factors differentiate an excellent leader from a mediocre one.

  1. Care

Vijay Eswaran believes that for junior employees to take care of the clients as well as the institution’s assets, care has to trickle from above. Those at the helm must ensure that they are considerate of what their juniors are going through at all times. When the leader cares, there is a general feeling of happiness, and consequently, productivity rises. Vijay advocates that leaders should not take their positions as bosses. Instead, they should ensure that they are servant leaders who are always ready to go the extra mile for the success of the company.

For service industries that involve direct interaction with customers, care of employees is crucial. Vijay explains that when the leader cares about others, the employees will also care about the customers.

  1. Vision

Vijay believes that a leader who is not visionary is not worthy to lead others. He says that this vision has to be visualized by the other employees. They will feel excited and motivated when they know what is expected of them in the future. Lack of a vision is one of the primary reasons why some employees end up losing interest in achieving the company’s goals. It is only possible to avoid such an occurrence by clearly outlining the company’s vision to the employee. The leader should also lead by example so that others can follow.

Kill Bill Production Elevates Lawrence Bender to Mainstream Success Status

Uma Thurman awakes after four years of being in a coma, the result of a botched assassination attempt by her estranged liasance Bill and is driven by one purpose, “Kill Bill.”

Thurman, whose anonymous character is referred to only as “The Bride” was carrying Bill’s child and adorned in a bridal gown on the day of her intended wedding to Bill, when she was struck down.

Bill played by David Carradine, the former star of the 1970‘s television drama Kung Fu, is one despicable hombre.

Leader of a ring of multi cultural female assassins, Carradine’s team is both elite and dreaded.

After Thurman’s exit from the hospital she begins to track down Bill, who has assembled his assassins into a lethal network of anti-Thurman foes, with the complementary mindset, Kill The Bride.

As Thurman eliminates her former co assassins, their intriguing specialties and backgrounds build and elevate the characters into almost mythological and nearly immortal personas.

In a plot twist that sheds light on the story’s setting, it is eventually revealed that Thurman was perhaps the most deadly member of Bill’s female crew, adding to and explaining the animosity she experiences from the other female executioners.

Personally selected to be trained by the legendary Hattori Hanzo, the master swordsmith played by martial arts director and actor Sonny Chiba, The Bride endures the most unimaginably harsh and cruel training that solidify her into quite possibly the toughest woman in the history of Chinese sword fighting.

A journey filled with witty dialog, well choreographed fights and a suspenseful assortment of mouse exterminates cat surprises, Thurman finally arrives at her destination, face to face with Bill.

Bill has a major surprise of his own for The Bride, however. It seems that the child which Thurman thought she had lost is both alive and in Bill’s care.

The installment referred to as Kill Bill Vol. 1 ends on a cliff hanger.

Producer Lawrence Bender has again worked with equally talented independent film director Quentin Tarantino to create a production that is both unique, well cast with Hollywood Legends and leaves the audience wanting more.

In fact, Kill Bill Vol. 1 was slated to be coreleased with Kill Bill Vol. 2, but it was felt that the more than 4 hours required to view the films would be too time prohibitive for a mainstream audience.

Kill Bill Vol 1 runs for an 111 minutes of pure entertainment. Adding another independent film success to Lawrence Bender’s credits, its $30 million budget returned nearly $181 million at the box office.

Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender graduated from the University of Maine, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

A native of the east coast, he was born and raised in Bronx, New York.

Bender’s wide variety of talents have earned him several awards in the film industry, including three Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.

Alexandre Gama Not Just An Advertising Executive

Alexandre Gama is known by many as the most prominent copywriter of his generation in Brazil. While Gama has proven that to be true in his nearly 40 years in the advertising agency, he is also a successful entrepreneur, investor, and executive.

Gama is a graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Brazil, where he received a degree in Communications and Advertising in 1981. He then was hired as a copywriter for the Brazilian agency, Standard Ogilvy & Mather. It was in this role that Gama would make his mark in the advertising world as one of Brazil’s most decorated copywriters. He worked at several other agencies before forming his own agency, Neogama, in 1999. Neogama has since won numerous industry awards.

Gama is an avid investor and owns a controlling stake in the British high-end sports car manufacturer, Briggs. He enjoys traveling the world and meeting new people.

David McDonald: A Strong Force and Pillar at OSI Group

David McDonald currently holds the position of COO and president at the reputable OSI Group, LLC. Prior to that, he served the capacity of a Project Manager at the OSI industries. He has served with various companies such as Marfrig Global Foods located in S.A. and the North American Meat Institute. Dave also serves as a board of director for the OSI Group. David McDonald attended Iowa State University where he acquired a degree in Animal Science. He kick-started his career at OSI Group serving as a project manager. Under his leadership, the company has made great steps in the competitive food industry by being able to meet and surpass the market needs globally. For instance, the company has established about ten Chinese poultry facilities which serve several recognized chain restaurants. David McDonald brings to the table experience of more than 30 years in the industry and his expertise and skills are highly sought-after! His goal is to ensure that he works with a team of talented and reliable individuals that embrace the evolving market technology in the food industry. The company purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch-based firm that focuses on processing of deli meat and other types of foods. As a result, the OSI Group is now able to penetrate the European market.

In an interview conducted by Inspirery, David McDonald reveals that his passion for gaining knowledge in Animal Science helped him get to his current prestigious position at the OSI Group. Also, his interest in agriculture and biology came in quite handy. He continues to say that their source of income for the company is through the sale of both meat and food products to renowned companies globally. At the same time, the company also provides various services to clients. Dave speaks out that OSI Group’s mission and goal is to ensure that they satisfy their clients’ needs at all times and costs. The company values their relations with their clients and other stakeholders which has greatly contributed to their success in the market. David McDonald continues to say that making wise decisions and having a realistic budget to work with has always worked to their advantage. He also says that being able to understand the different cultures in the market enables them to meet their clients’ specific needs effectively. David McDonald affirms that the company will continue being innovative and flexible to the upcoming changes in the market to ensure that they provide top-notch products and services to their esteemed customers.

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How O2Pur Presents An Interesting Investing Opportunity

While the E-Cigarette industry started out with a whole bunch of startups getting in on the action, in recent years some of the biggest multinational firms in the industry have snapped a number of companies up. These corporations buying E-Cigarette companies are mostly three firms which are Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Reynold-American. For investors, the problem with buying the stock of these companies is that they are already mammoth sized companies that don’t present that much upside to their stock values.

For those who want to take a stake in a smaller company which could deliver really stellar returns there are still some investing opportunities to be had in the E-Cigarette industry. One of these is O2Pur which is a small company with a huge growth potential as a smaller player. They could make some noise in the industry and develop into a big national company in their own right as they have great management or they could be the target of an acquisition by one of the big players which almost always results in the value of the target companies stock shooting up in value.

O2Pur has a number of advantages over the big players in the E-Cigarette industry. For starters, they are a premium brand which doesn’t settle for just being ordinary. They offer exciting flavors for vape users who want to have a great time whether out with friends or enjoying a vape pen in the comfort of their own home. They offer six flavors that come in three different sizes depending on customer needs.

Because O2Pur is a small company that also means they are way more nimble than the big players, which is also attractive to investors. They can swiftly respond to changing tastes of consumers which is very difficult for big multinational firms to do because of all the bureaucracy and red tape. For example, they offer really innovative vape Mods that the bigger companies haven’t caught onto yet. Many vape users enjoy using Mods because they offer a different experience than that which is attained by using a vaping pen.

Stansberry Research Goes into the Depth of Financial Market Antics

Stansberry Research is a publisher offering subscription service. The firm supplies its subscribers with software and important data that helps investors around the globe to make decisions that they would not regret. At Stansberry, the motto is to treat customers as if the roles had been reversed. Stansberry also focuses on publishing an analysis that has stood the test of time. Stansberry has joined the big league and is depended on for important investment information. Like Newswire, Stansberry features cutting edge reports of the latest developments on the financial markets; with pin-point precision. The policy, however, has always been guided by the need to maintain balanced journalistic perspective on the emerging issues. So, expect Stansberry to provide you with a range of opinions regarding trending market developments.

The financial sector has experienced bullish trends from the Newswire group and C. Scott Garliss for several months running now. (Stansberryresearch) discloses that the companies hold that deregulation, higher interest rates, and reduced taxes combine to make a storm that will blow through bank shares and those of related institutions. Well, if you thought that these stocks’ anglers are the only ones thinking that way, you had better listen to what Steve Eisman, the famous fund manager has to say. Eisman has been in the news recently too for his film that won an Oscar Award and his best seller novel titled The Big Short. Steve made lots of money betting against bank performance in 2008 financial meltdown.


The Trump Factor

According to the analysis provided by Stansberry Research, when Donald Trump won the race for the presidency in 2016, Eisman suddenly turned bullish. Clearly, from analysis also provided by SPDR, the financial sector has seen tremendous improvement on the stocks market after the election of Donald Trump. Mr. Steve Eisman says that he is more bullish this time than he actually was over a year ago. The report from Bloomberg notes that Mr. Eisman is a lot more enthusiastic with banks than he has ever been in decades. Stansberry Research analysis observes further that high-interest rates and deregulation are the triggers for the financial boom in the banking sector. The deregulation is bound to stay around for a while, and the banking sector is the big winner. Short volume traders are, however, disenfranchised. This is the kind of bad news they would rather not hear. Earlier in the month, the concept of the supposed short volatility was explained, and the how it would boomerang on the shareholders.



Jorge Moll founder of D’Or Research Institute

A very inquisitive person from a young age, Jorge Moll has made a positive mark on the world of scientific research in the areas of neurological functionality. Jorge is the President, Board Member and founder of D ‘Or Institute (IDOR). IDOR is a scientific research facility that focuses on investing in education and training of healthcare professionals. Jorge is also the Director of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, a top ranked world renowned DICOM lab.

Jorge Moll has, throughout his career, focused on the neurological functions that control the choices we make and these choices we make are ultimately influenced by our personal morality, values, culture and experiences.

Jorge Moll conducted an experiment, based on a 1988 study by James Andreoni. James Andreoni is an economist who coined the concept of “warm glow giving”, or the “joy of giving”. In the mid 2000s Jorge Moll and his fellow researcher Jordan Grafman’s experiment consisted of, 19 subjects are giving $128 and giving the choice to either give the money to charity or keep it for themselves. Jorge and Jordan were able to discover, during acts of kindness, or generally putting other’s needs ahead your personal needs, activated the same areas of the brain associated with sex ( This was the first time there was measurable evidence of brain’s reaction to “warm glow giving”, or the “joy of giving”. This discovery was not what was expected, because based on evolutionary behaviors, scientist would expect, there to positive brain responses that would benefit us personally. However according to Jorge Moll’s results we seem to have evolved to not be selfish and understand there is evolutionary benefits from helping our fellow man.

Jorge Moll is also directly involved with the event feature emotion model of moral cognition (EFEC). EFEC is the discovery of the link between both cognitive functionality of the brain and that which associated with emotional functionality of the brain.


Dr. Dov Rand: One Patient At A Time.

Dr. Dov Rand is a man who wants nothing less than the best treatment for his patients. Dr. Dov works at the Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, New Jersey. He has done research over the years on how to use IV therapy in order to help patients lost weight. He also works on anti-aging procedures as well. He knows his business because he was trained at the exclusive Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York City. In an article for Dr. Dov Rand explains a new way for people to be able to restart a slowing metabolism and lose weight in a healthy manner.

Dr. Dov Rand whose real name is Johanan is a hormone therapist and he helped patients who have reached middle age or menopause get back to an active lifestyle. He calls the plan the HCG diet. This specific hormone is found in the placenta of women who are pregnant and it helps sustain the embryo to grow. Dr. Dov Rand noticed that the hormone can be used to help with other conditions as well. HCG can be used to prevent muscle degeneration during weight loss. This is great news for those who want to lose weight quickly without starving themselves. The one thing the diet has is a calorie restriction and this diet helps with hunger pangs that most dieters get. Dr. Dov Rand has these tips for those on the HCG diet.

The first thing is that people must learn how to eat properly. Dr. Dov says to keep on doing things that work and get rid of those that do not. The second tip is to reset the metabolism. This is done by looking at the patient’s blood work and personal habits. Then a proper program is wet up help the patient consume the right amount of food and water. The third tip is to improve health. By following the diet a patient can resume the active life that a patient only thought was possible.

With these tips, Dr. Dov Rand can give people the best shot at living the best life that they can.



Dr. Mark Holterman and Mariam Global Help Children and Doctors in Vietnam

Positive the Facts recently published Paul Peter’s article, “Dr. Mark Holterman Wants to Support Global Healthcare Innovations”. The article discusses Chicago’s pediatric surgeon and his desire to improve global healthcare through his global investment and business management firm, Mariam Global Health.


A Dedicated Pediatrician

He is highly rated by his patients because of his kindness and patience as well as his advanced surgical skills. However, he also focuses on helping children around the world. His passion stems from his desire to help children while embracing the challenges of the current world. Dr. Mark Holterman’s biggest dream is to help make healthcare accessible to all children, providing them with the most innovative and advanced biotechnology available.


An Advocate of Health

Throughout his career as a researcher and doctor, he became fascinated with stem cell therapies. He even started the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular therapies, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and communicating about cellular treatment around the world. Dr. Holterman also created a non-profit dedicated to providing advanced medical and surgical care to children in Vietnam.

The ISPAC-VN has pediatric specialists providing free surgeries and treatments to children in Vietnam. They also donate medical equipment and medicine to healthcare facilities in Vietnam. The modern technologies allow local doctors to provide the most up to date care for their patients.

The program is also dedicated to improving the education of pediatric doctors in Vietnam. They have a program that allows the doctors to study in the U.S. for two months, helping them gain new training in research and surgical skill.

Dr. Mark Holterman also created Mariam Global Health to help create positive changes for medical technology across the board. The company was created to connect new biotechnology and medical technology startups to investors and funding.

Dr. Mark Holterman graduated with his BA in Biology from Yale University where he was a Merit Scholar and graduated with honors. He continued his education at the University of Virginia where he gained both his MD and his Ph.D. He completed his fellowship as a pediatric surgeon at the University of Washington. Dr. Holterman is a board certified surgeon and is particularly interested in Chronic Abdominal Pain and airway issues.


Graham Edwards Continues Oversight of Trillium Telereal

The real estate market in the United Kingdom has been very dynamic for the past decade. Over the past few years, property owners of both commercial and residential properties have seen their values increase in value while having an easy time finding quality tenants at increasing rent levels. While there are many different real estate companies in the United Kingdom that have done very well, one of the most successful has continued to be Telereal Trillium, which owns, develops, and manages real estate assets across the UK.

Telereal Trillium is one of the largest real estate firms in the UK. In total, the company has a real estate portfolio that has more than 86 million square feet of operating space. The impressive portfolio has a value of more than 6 billion British pounds and continues to have a major impact on the country as a whole. In fact, more than 1% of the total workforce works in a Telereal owned property.

One of the main reasons while the real estate company has done so well has been due to the continued guidance of its CEO, Graham Edwards Telereal. Edwards first joined the real estate companin in 2001 and has been the CEO ever since. Ever since coming aboard the company, he has made a variety of major investments that have proven to be very successful for the company.

One of the top investments he made was when he helped Telereal Trillium to get into a new 30-year partnership with BT Plc, which is another major real estate firm in Europe. Through this partnership, Telereal was able to acquire more than 6,700 different properties that had more than 60 million square feet of space. It also allowed them to enter into long-term contracts and leases with a wide variety of credit tenants.

Beyond the major agreement he signed with BT Plc, Edwards has helped to guide the company through a variety of challenging times. This included the global recession of the mid 2000s that saw many real estate companies struggle. Edwards was able to use this time to find more opportunity and help grow the firm even more.