Nick Vertucci The Real Estate Entrepreneur

About Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is the CEO and the founder of NV Companies based in Orange County California. He is a well-known professional in the real estate industry as he has become a specialist who purchases bank-owned properties. These are properties that the bank has seized for clients who are loan defaulters. Nick has helped investors by developing Turn Key which is a professionally managed system that allows other investors to purchase, repair and rent properties owned by banks. Nick is known for his broad knowledge and experience in building single-family homes.

Before Nick got into his career as a professional real estate investor, he worked as founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coastline Micro. The company was mostly focused and gained an excellent reputation for its ability to provide businesses with computer systems all over the nation. Coastline Micro boasts of over 100 employees who are all professionals is what they do for the company. Nick, however, does not take part in most of the activities in the business today, but he is still the owner.

Nick has traveled all over the United States where he has trained and mentored the new and the professional real estate investors who seek to improve their business. In addition to being an entrepreneur and investor in the real estate business, Nick is also a respected law enforcement officer.

Background of Nick Vertucci

Nick is known to come from a very humble background. His life story can be explained to have started from the bottom and fought his way up to the top. His life became even harder when he lost his father as a young boy of only ten years old. Nick decided to start working to make ends meet where he began by selling some computer merchandise. During the 2000 dot-com crash, Nick lost his business after his money got liquidated at the expense of the dot-com bubble. He was in debts and even ended up losing his home. Nick, later on, after all the struggles enrolled in a real estate academy that inspired him to start his own real estate business which made him recover from his entire financial crisis.

About Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci spent so many years and most of his time trying to get information on how to develop a trusted real estate company that could be used by most Americans. Through his works and being on top of the real estate, he also uses the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to pass information to other aspiring investors in real estate. The academy has its success stories, and most people who are graduating from the institution are sought after by clients because of their professionalism in the industry.