In the 1980’s, a child from a low-income family in San Jose had a chance of making it in life like a child in Denmark. Fast forward the script, now children in San Jose’s lower income families are finding it hard to make ends meet. It is challenging for them to make it in life due to the high standard of living and sky rocketing property prices in the area.

Explaining Rocketship Education

Rocketship education system is based on a non-profit platform which serves primarily in low-income populations to enrich and enable students to get a decent education. This education aims to inspire and build strong students who perhaps can get a chance to get a college education in their future. Their primary objective is to give students a bright future where they can be self-reliant and stand on their own two feet. The Rocketship education system tries to remove a gap whereby it aims to see children from low-income families in neighborhoods around the country achieve their dreams and desires just like other kids in the country.

Celebrity Offerings

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, has already donated a hundred million dollars to the education plans in the area. Also, Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook CEO) and his wife have already invested in the education system too and are using technology to leverage their educational plans for the Rocketship education system. A former famous tennis star called Andre Agassi has also donated to the education system of Rocketship. He is very sad at how the level of education had deteriorated for some urban kids from low-income families and together with a colleague; they formed a fund called the Turner-Agassi school fund to help children attain a decent education from urban sectors of the nation.

Hope for the future

Before Rocketship, San Jose area saw three out of every four students struggling academically. With funding and more celebrities joining the cause, students are now doing well in school with those graduating from high school and joining four-year courses at the college. Rocketship is a genius idea that has helped a lot of children from less fortunate backgrounds achieve their dreams.