Meet the OSI President: David McDonald

The OSI Industries has been growing tremendously. It is now popular, and they are dominating the market. The OSI Industries are committed to serving their customers, and they consider them family. They aim to see that their clients are satisfied with their services and their expectations are exceeded. David McDonald says that the innovation of the OSI Industries is partly based on the feedback that they get from their clients. He says that when they request for an improvement of their products in their menu, they see that they make the adjustment or add on their portfolio.

Patience is an important virtue when growing a career. Many people spend their entire life complaining about not getting a promotion. David McDonald acted differently, and he still got the results that everyone earns for, he became the president of the OSI Industries from being a Project Manager. McDonald has been working with the firm for more than three decades. He says that it has been fun because he does something he loves. He has always been passionate about Agriculture and Biology. This is why he studied Animal Science in school.

David McDonald says that perfection is something they advocate for in the OSI Industries. He adds that they, however, encourage risk-taking among all their employees. They give a small room for mistakes because it is through the risks and failures that great lessons are learned.

With technology, everything is changing. The food industry is also affected. Many people are rigid to adapt and embrace the new way of doing things. David McDonald says that for the OSI Industries, they are ready to evolve with the industry. In fact, change is an opportunity of getting more customers. He explains saying when something new is introduced in the market, and they take it, they stand a better chance compared to those who are rigid to change.

Running a company like OSI Industries can be very challenging because all the clients from the different states have different tastes and preferences. To see that all their customers get what they want, they see that they have representatives in all the OSI locations. They provide them with the resources that they require to serve their clients. The company is enjoying great success in China. David McDonald says that this has only been possible because they have been long enough in the nation, to gain the trust of the clients and understand what they love and to know more

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