Matthew Autterson: the Denver Investment Management Guru

Investment management is a broad term that refers to the professional act of managing investment assets within a portfolio. It entails the buying and selling of assets, such as securities, bonds, and shares, and at times real estate property. Investment management also extends to the processes, such as banking, budgeting, and taxation that make investments a success. Investment management enables investors to meet specific investment objectives, such as growing the value of an investment. The term asset management is at times used interchangeably with investment management. This mostly occurs in cases where the investment in question is collective in nature, such as mutual funds.

Investors can be private individuals or institutions. Examples of institution investors include charities, corporations, educational establishments, insurance companies, and pension funds. Investment management is important to investors for it enables them to make informed investment decisions that guarantee them returns in the future. Investment management services range from financial statement analysis, stock selection, to plan implementation and monitoring of existing investments. Some of the most reputable investment management firms include Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP, Fidelity Investments Money Management Inc., Merrill Lynch Inc., and Prudential Investment Management. The success of these companies largely comes from their many years’ experience in the industry. They have a sound understanding of the investment opportunities.

Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a renowned Denver, CL-based investment management specialist. He serves the greater Denver area but has executed several successful projects in other states. As an investment manager, Matthew Autterson is involved with portfolio analysis, WIN’s 401(k) plans, and investment research. He advises clients on viable investment portfolios and helps them align their investment goals to financial abilities.

Matthew Autterson is a proud graduate of Michigan State University. He graduated from the institution in the year 1979 with an investment-related degree. Matthew Autterson is a certified investment manager with a CPA/PFS and CFP accreditation. He has enabled many investors in the wider Denver, CL region to achieve their goals.