Malcolm CasSelle at WAX Provides Easy User-Friendly Technologies for Virtual Asset Trading

Malcolm CasSelle at {WAX} World Asset Exchange provides easy user-friendly technologies through the advancement of cryptocurrency and the blockchain for streamlined exchanges of virtual assets. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and furthered his education at Stanford with a master’s degree in computer science as well. Various levels of professional advancement in leadership at some of most influential companies within the digital industry, Malcolm CasSelle has established himself as a true pioneer in the digital industry. He has held high level leadership positions with some of the biggest companies in digital technology industry, such as Facebook, Groupon, and several others. He also provides financial investments as well into other innovative digital technology companies. Malcolm CasSelle currently is the president of World Asset Exchange a global company developing new technologies in the gaming industry by configuring platforms to distribute cryptocurrency assets over the blockchain within the gaming system. These advancements have upgraded the blockchain with an opportunity for individuals to transfer assets over geographical borders globally without the restriction of transferring assets through the central banking system. Through the WAX platform individuals can establish gaming tokens that can be easily transferred into cryptocurrency assets to exchange. The gaming tokens can be transferred quickly and easily over the blockchain with simplicity and ease that was never before realize. World Asset Exchange is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry by creating a platform to safely and securely leverage all cryptocurrencies one place. By creating a singular platform some of the major issues were eliminated stemming from friction, fragmentation, and fraud. By utilizing smart contracts over the blockchain safely with assurances that transactions will safely happen between the two parties without any third party interference and regulation, World Asset Exchange is decentralizing the way assets are transferred. As a true innovator and trailblazer within the digital industry particularly in cryptocurrency technologies in the gaming industry, Malcolm CasSelle and World Asset Exchange is creating a very user-friendly technologically sound approach to transferring virtual assets over the blockchain.