Journey Of Greg Aziz To The Top

Ontario Canada is the home for both Gregory James Aziz, who was born in 1949, with National Steel Car, being founded in 1912 as Imperial Steel Car. While the globally recognized businessman earned his Economics degree, the company went through highs and lows. Now operating as National Steel Car, the company underwent many stages, changing hands a couple of times.


Flawed systems had sent the one-time giant on knees, a policy focused on low-cost production had led clients to take legal action against the company, and regulator fines were also burdening the company’s finances. After spending sixteen years in his father’s food distribution company Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz moved to New York where he got into investment banking. Here he expanded his portfolio along with his clients’ before taking over National Steel Car in 1994. See This Page for related information.


This move surprised both family and friends who were skeptical of the viability of the acquisition. The company was running in losses, and its previous owner had all but given up on it. Gregory J. Aziz invested heavily in the company and started up capital projects; these increased the production capacity from a lowly 3,500 railcars annually to a massive 12,500 units.


Instead of concentrating on low-cost products, Greg Aziz shifted the focus to engineering. Here innovative and cost-effective ways were developing to produce some of the safest railcars in the globe. In his mission to turn the declining fortunes of the company, the company hired additional 2,000 workers to service the production line. From a dying company, National Steel Car has risen to be the largest supplier of rolling stock to not only Canada, but it also has a vast market in the US.


Recently the company got an order of 350 log cars from CN Rail, this not only means a return of the trust of clients, but it also means benefits for the local community as the order is expected to translate into 250 new jobs for the locals. There is also a possibility that the company will get another order for more than 100 tones load cars from CN Rail. This is due to the growth of wood and forest products in North America.


As the company ushers in a new era, the efforts of Gregory James Aziz in its rise cannot be refuted. With the understanding that helped him turn Affiliate Foods into an international organization, he has taken National Steel Car from the pages of obscurity to the highs of a global leader.