Jorge Moll founder of D’Or Research Institute

A very inquisitive person from a young age, Jorge Moll has made a positive mark on the world of scientific research in the areas of neurological functionality. Jorge is the President, Board Member and founder of D ‘Or Institute (IDOR). IDOR is a scientific research facility that focuses on investing in education and training of healthcare professionals. Jorge is also the Director of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, a top ranked world renowned DICOM lab.

Jorge Moll has, throughout his career, focused on the neurological functions that control the choices we make and these choices we make are ultimately influenced by our personal morality, values, culture and experiences.

Jorge Moll conducted an experiment, based on a 1988 study by James Andreoni. James Andreoni is an economist who coined the concept of “warm glow giving”, or the “joy of giving”. In the mid 2000s Jorge Moll and his fellow researcher Jordan Grafman’s experiment consisted of, 19 subjects are giving $128 and giving the choice to either give the money to charity or keep it for themselves. Jorge and Jordan were able to discover, during acts of kindness, or generally putting other’s needs ahead your personal needs, activated the same areas of the brain associated with sex ( This was the first time there was measurable evidence of brain’s reaction to “warm glow giving”, or the “joy of giving”. This discovery was not what was expected, because based on evolutionary behaviors, scientist would expect, there to positive brain responses that would benefit us personally. However according to Jorge Moll’s results we seem to have evolved to not be selfish and understand there is evolutionary benefits from helping our fellow man.

Jorge Moll is also directly involved with the event feature emotion model of moral cognition (EFEC). EFEC is the discovery of the link between both cognitive functionality of the brain and that which associated with emotional functionality of the brain.