Jeffry Schneider on Importance of Having a Wellness Plan

Jeffry Schneider is a leading investor based in Austin, Texas. With over 25 years of working experience, he is determined to change the field of investment by helping to build a strong connection among the investment advisors, sponsors, and business people. His love for others has made him a champion for wellness among the workers in local and international levels. He strongly believes that individuals and organizations should take keen on the well-being of workers that in return has many indirect benefits to production.

Jeffry wellness nature is attributable to his collaboration with various charitable organizations, his efforts in championing the need for wellbeing and activities to enhance investment.

Employee’s wellness is promotable by organizing wellness programs. Companies and businesses should strategize on a wellness plan for their employees. The project can include health education, free clinic, allowances and giving of free times as well as offering exercise platforms such as a free gym.

The following are some of the importance why one should have a wellness plan:

Improved Health – Good health is the most relevant aspect any person can have; in most cases, you find that employed people are more focused on work with determination to increase productivity, yet they forget to care for their health. A wellness program provides an opportunity to enable workers to get involved in other activities that will improve their health. The adoption of healthy behavior ensures that the workers’ health and fitness are easily maintainable.

Reduced Health Costs – Health maintenance is essential to every person; studies show that organizations that have wellness program have low cases of workers suffering from various ailments. In fact, workers in such organizations have very minimal annual health cost that may be due to medication.

Improved Productivity – What results do you expect from healthy workers? Good physical and mental health result to effectiveness at work. Wellness programs impact on their health is reflected back to the productivity of every individual. That can be an advantageous rollback to the organization or business.

Improved Workers Morale – Wellness activities targeted at the organizations’ employees, have a positive impact on boosting their confidence at work. This may be as a result that they feel well recognized in their working area. Considering that healthy people are likely to be happier than the opposite, you can expect that satisfaction levels at workplace rises. This fact should not be taken lightly since the success of any business, be it a sole proprietorship or an organization is profoundly affected by employee morale regarding success.

Rates of absenteeism are meager in case you have a wellness plan. Considering that the wellbeing programs make your workers develop healthy habits, reduced illness cases, and stress and as well as get to be physically fit, their availability and reliability will remain high.

Easy Recruitment and Retention – Hiring of employees seems like a natural process; however, retaining employees is a responsibility that any manager should be keen to. The wellness program is one of mechanism to keep your best employees. For instance, offering a free gym and free medical clinic can make the workers more attached to the workplace. Such benefits may make the worker embrace the work-site even more than they would in case of salary addition. The reputation of a workplace can have a significant impact on its ability to attract qualified workers.

Jeffry Schneider is a founder and a CEO whose focus on growth in investment is recognizable. He heads a team of workers in his firm that has grown to an international status, thanks to his hard work and the efforts of his trusted employees. Jeffry works closely with numerous charitable organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation that takes care of the disadvantaged in the society. His initiatives to create a linkup between business and investors across the world have earned him high honors.