Infinity Group of Australia

Mr. Graeme Holm is the Director and Co-founder of Infinity, an Australian company that was founded in 2012 that he started with his partner, Rebecca, to provide families with debt reduction, mortgage broking, continuous money management, financial coaching and financial planning. Mr. Holm has a certification in finance, real estate, and financial planning. With Mr. Holm’s seventeen years of experience within the financial industry, he took his dismay of the unfavorable deals that Australian families receive from financial institutions and used that to motivate him to create his own company geared to changing that narrative by helping to fix and improve their finances. Mr. Holm’s keys to success and a productive day begins with an early start and spending his days doing things that would maximize who he is as a person and the future of Infinity.


Infinity differs from other lenders in that once a client’s application is signed and approved, Infinity provides their clients with a personal banker who assists them to pay off the loan as quickly as possible. Infinity’s goal is to have their clients pay more off their loan within the first three months than they would have in the first year without Infinity’s financial help.


Mr. Holm uses the personal trainer analogy to demonstrate the benefits of having Infinity in their clients’ lives by explaining that they would have better results with a personal trainer at the gym than without one, hence, Infinity provides personal training for their finances. In doing six months of research about what was wrong with the Australian Mortgage Market with his partner, Mr. Holm learned that the lack of advice, ongoing support, and services was a major setback with clients in working with financial institutions. Infinity has a wide range of clients from differing backgrounds and industries. Some of the coaching that Infinity provides is focused on teaching their clients the value of every dollar and the meaning of a need vs. the meaning of a want in order to keep them on track and accountable to their financial plans and goals. Infinity does not treat their customers as clients but as financial family members and the mission that Infinity has sought after throughout the years is evident as they were nominated in the Optus Business Awards 2017 for customer service experience business of the year. Learn more: