Graham Edwards Continues Oversight of Trillium Telereal

The real estate market in the United Kingdom has been very dynamic for the past decade. Over the past few years, property owners of both commercial and residential properties have seen their values increase in value while having an easy time finding quality tenants at increasing rent levels. While there are many different real estate companies in the United Kingdom that have done very well, one of the most successful has continued to be Telereal Trillium, which owns, develops, and manages real estate assets across the UK.

Telereal Trillium is one of the largest real estate firms in the UK. In total, the company has a real estate portfolio that has more than 86 million square feet of operating space. The impressive portfolio has a value of more than 6 billion British pounds and continues to have a major impact on the country as a whole. In fact, more than 1% of the total workforce works in a Telereal owned property.

One of the main reasons while the real estate company has done so well has been due to the continued guidance of its CEO, Graham Edwards Telereal. Edwards first joined the real estate companin in 2001 and has been the CEO ever since. Ever since coming aboard the company, he has made a variety of major investments that have proven to be very successful for the company.

One of the top investments he made was when he helped Telereal Trillium to get into a new 30-year partnership with BT Plc, which is another major real estate firm in Europe. Through this partnership, Telereal was able to acquire more than 6,700 different properties that had more than 60 million square feet of space. It also allowed them to enter into long-term contracts and leases with a wide variety of credit tenants.

Beyond the major agreement he signed with BT Plc, Edwards has helped to guide the company through a variety of challenging times. This included the global recession of the mid 2000s that saw many real estate companies struggle. Edwards was able to use this time to find more opportunity and help grow the firm even more.