Goettl Air Conditioning Plans To Maximize Its Consumer Base In 2017

Goettl Air Conditioning is an HVAC service provider. For over 75 years, the company has been providing quality air conditioning and heating services in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson and Southern California areas. Since its establishment in 1939, Goettl has been offering high quality in AC and heating maintenance, replacement and repairs. Goettl customers are assured of peace of mind as their homes remain comfortable in all the environmental conditions. The company specializes in air conditioning repair, air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, heating and repair and commercial HVAC. The constant environmental fluctuations bringing about hot summers and freezing winters clearly indicate the importance of air conditioning services. The firm has over 200 employees, including technicians and engineers who ensure timely service delivery.

In 2016, Goettl acquired Moore Air Conditioning Company. Buying a company with over 50 years of experience meant that Goettl would live up to its dream of providing its customers with the best technicians in the industry. The Moore team is significantly experienced in climate control and combining their skills with Goettl team will mean that their clients will get the best available services. The firm moved to Las Vegas after Ken Goodrich acquired it. Cording to Goodgame, the company plans to expand its business by over 50% in 2017 and hire over 100 more technicians.

Goettl Facebook page clearly shows that the firm is excellent in the HVAC industry. The profile picture showing a repair fleet in a black and white photo brings out the picture that the company has been in air conditioning business for years. This old photo also means that the firm has been and is likely to deliver excellent services that meet the expectations of their clients. The Facebook page also has some helpful posts that indicate that the organization cares for its customers. The page has some posts about regular maintenance and safety tips to help their customers maintain their air conditioners to reduce costs of maintenance.