Goettl Air Conditioning is Community Focused

Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939 by two brothers who wanted to bring a better life to people who lived in the desert communities in the Southwestern part of the United States. Today they have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix, Arizona, and Tucson, Arizona.

The company provides heating and cooling installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. They also provide Air Quality Control and HVAC for business, as well as plumbing services.

Recently when it was discovered that a family in Las Vegas was living without any workable heating or air conditioning, Michael Gamst, the manager of the Las Vegas office took action to remedy the situation. Gamst with a few of his employees went to the home of the family and installed a brand-new heating and air conditioning system, along with a new toilet, all free of charge.

The family, which has two teenage daughters was overwhelmed and very grateful. The mother said that this act had rekindled her faith in people and that there are good, caring people out there.

Goettl has served several generations of families over the years and they know that a good community spirit is a good remedy for lots of problems that we have in our society today. Living without heating or air conditioning in the desert climate can be hazardous because it does get very cold in desert climates during the winter.

Since it was Christmas time, Goettl employees and the organization Triple5teens also gave the family some gifts. Goettl is very active in community affairs because of the many needs of people like this, and they have the ability to make a difference.

The units that were installed are controlled zone units where each room has its thermostat. This feature will probably save this family up to half of what a normal unit would have cost per month for energy bills.