Glen Wakeman is the founder and the CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC. Initially he founded Nova Four and worked at GE Capital in 1983 he is very prosperous investor and an author. His route to success started after he has acquired a college degree. He is alumni of the University of Chicago where he pursued Masters of Business Administration and also has a degree in BS in Economics from the University of Scranton. Wakeman is well recognized for his mentoring entrepreneurial spirits and as a commerce radical (

He is well acknowledged for his five-step enactment practice which includes risk management leadership power human capital and execution in business. Glen Wakeman has been able to inspire so many people from Managerial approaches to financial economics through his discerning blogs poles. He tutors C-level officials and has also been hired to advice minder bees and Dream funded. From his blogs he majorly focuses on growth revolutions and administrative progress to guarantee his bibliophiles are fine fortified with new trends in the arcade for them to endure easily in the fair. He insists that he bring concepts to life by compelling himself to explain them to people. Glen suggests that the entrepreneurial idea one has is to be put into plans which will reduce risks of failing in future hence the entrepreneurs need to be assisted on the early stages not to institute business.

Glen has resided and worked in more than 5 countries in Asia South America and Europe which gave him the experience in principal the action in more than thirty regions around the globe leading to him gaining universal gratitude.

Glen Wakeman founded the Launchpad Holdings with an aim of steering the capitalists at their preliminary phases of business in the union of corporate concepts into tactics that are feasible. He gained the idea of starting the Launchpad Holdings from the point that he likes corresponding thoughts with money. He maintains that most people he has mingled with are very talented but they failed in business because they have no organization around their inkling. This made him build a plan with a modest software stand.