Grassroots organization End Citizens United has filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission against Rick Scott. They claim that at this point Mr. Scott has illegally raised $78 million through a “super PAC” to support his campaign. They claim he is using this as a loophole to avoid federal limits on direct contributions to candidates’ campaigns. A super Pac is permitted to raise and spend as much money as they deem necessary. though it is not allowed to work with with any campaign directly. End Citizens United is focusing on the anti- coordination law in regards to the New Republican Pac. The Pac has pledged to get Mr. Scott elected to the U.S. senate. However Mr. Scott was the chairman of this group prior to announcing his run for senate.

Rick Scott has adamantly denied these claims, however End Citizens United produced evidence documenting Rick Scott working with the organization at least as recently as January. The End Citizens United Communications Director Adam Bozzi stated that Mr. Scott is simply funneling money into the super PAC in an attempt to bypass election law. Mr. Bozzi claims Mr. Scott is more interested in his political ambitions than he is the rule of law. End Citizens United was formed on March 1,2015 following the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding End Citizens United. Their mission Statement is to get big money out of the political spectrum.

They intend on doing this by backing candidates for office who are equally as motivated in campaign finance reform. Their goal is to overturn Citizens United to prevent campaign donations from being undisclosed and unlimited. The Organization is based in Washington, D.C. Rick Scott continues to deny any wrongdoing despite mounting evidence to the contrary. For instance a new poll about Rick Scott was paid for by the New Republican. Furthermore his campaign address was the same location as New Republican when the complaint was initially made in February. Unless the FEC takes action on the complaint, Rick Scott will be on the Florida ballot this coming November. Learn More.