Dr. Dov Rand: One Patient At A Time.

Dr. Dov Rand is a man who wants nothing less than the best treatment for his patients. Dr. Dov works at the Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, New Jersey. He has done research over the years on how to use IV therapy in order to help patients lost weight. He also works on anti-aging procedures as well. He knows his business because he was trained at the exclusive Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York City. In an article for Dr. Dov Rand explains a new way for people to be able to restart a slowing metabolism and lose weight in a healthy manner.

Dr. Dov Rand whose real name is Johanan is a hormone therapist and he helped patients who have reached middle age or menopause get back to an active lifestyle. He calls the plan the HCG diet. This specific hormone is found in the placenta of women who are pregnant and it helps sustain the embryo to grow. Dr. Dov Rand noticed that the hormone can be used to help with other conditions as well. HCG can be used to prevent muscle degeneration during weight loss. This is great news for those who want to lose weight quickly without starving themselves. The one thing the diet has is a calorie restriction and this diet helps with hunger pangs that most dieters get. Dr. Dov Rand has these tips for those on the HCG diet.

The first thing is that people must learn how to eat properly. Dr. Dov says to keep on doing things that work and get rid of those that do not. The second tip is to reset the metabolism. This is done by looking at the patient’s blood work and personal habits. Then a proper program is wet up help the patient consume the right amount of food and water. The third tip is to improve health. By following the diet a patient can resume the active life that a patient only thought was possible.

With these tips, Dr. Dov Rand can give people the best shot at living the best life that they can.