Does Comparative Law Serve The Demands Of Modern Constitutional Development Processes?


Law and governance are two things that cannot be separated. It is through law that a government can exercise its mandates effectively to serve the electorate. Communities that choose to live without laws are prone to conflicts and in the event of problems they always find it difficult to reach an agreement that can bring about lasting peace. Therefore, drafting laws for a government is something that cannot be overlooked when planning on how to have a functional system that is aligned towards growth and development.


Many experts confirm that coming up with laws is a complex process that calls for the input of professionals from various specialties. In recent years, governments from across the world turned to the use of comparative law for constitutional development, which has proved to be a perfect and far more reliable method of bringing solutions to the many problems that have been dragging progress among communities. What comparative law does is it allows experts of law to compare and learn about the laws that are used in other communities, which enjoy prosperity and stability. While going about this process, they are able to pick useful information that allows them to come up with better laws.


In the 18th century, scholars from Europe toured different regions and their objective was to learn about the systems of governance applied by various communities. While in this process, they also got ideas that allowed them to draft new laws for their places of origin and that is how comparative law started to develop. Today, it is used by many nations across the world and even the most successful economies like China invest a lot to the development of the specialty.  More on


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