Desiree Perez – The Moving Force of Tidal

Mrs. Desiree Perez is a moving force for the company Tidal which is owned by the famous American singer Jay-Z. Mrs. Desiree Perez is working at the position of the manager of the company.

Tidal is working in the field of music streaming and has been a part of the industry for quite a few years. The industry has been overly saturated for several years, and it has been difficult for the company of Tidal to make way for themselves through the many competitors. Click on for related articles.  Mrs. Desiree Perez, however, is a person with many innovative thoughts and ideas. She has been able to come up with a large number of strategies that have been highly beneficial. The strategies she has come up with have been able to make the company of Tidal a lot more successful and has allowed it to move higher in the ranks of the competitive music streaming industry. Updates of Dez available here.

Mrs. Desiree Perez has been working in the industry of entertainment and management for many years. She is highly skilled and closing contracts and finding newer and better ways to achieve results. She is the wife of “OG” Juan Perez who is also the leader of Roc Nation Sports. Read more about Dez, follow her on

Mrs. Desiree Perez has come up with the idea to launch new additions to the Tidal app. There are a few new services that will help improve the audience for Tidal. Tidal Discovery is a service that provides clients with the newest music available; Tidal X provides listeners with material that is both live and exclusive to the Tidal service, Tidal Rising compiles a list of musical pieces that are growing in popularity and also includes new and rising music artists as well.  The Tidal company has been growing over the curse f the past couple of years thanks to Mrs. Desiree Perez.  Continue reading on

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