Desiree Perez: Parting the Competitive Sea and Watching the Tidal Come In

On January 23, 2017, author Kathrynz3 published an update about the state of affairs at Tidal on The Temple of the Cave website. In the piece, Kathrynz3 shares the news that the company will now stream exclusive content for customers. She goes on to point out how excited everyone at Tidal is about the new change.

Since its inception Tidal has gone through changes in management and yet founder Jay-Z has rolled with these changes and remains confident. Although he doesn’t have a lot of business experience, he shows good instincts for pivoting and for picking the right people to help him, check for related story.   That is where Desiree Perez enters the picture.

Desiree is working hard to move Tidal from underdog to up-and-comer and into the competitive mix. She wants the company to be a force for many years. Jay-Z and Desiree have seen a significant increase in new memberships. They want to gain customer interest, make them fans, and convert them to members.

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Part of their recent success is due to signing album exclusives from some big-time artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, T.I., and Kanye West. West’s new release The Life of Pablo hasn’t hurt either since it brought over one million people to the party as trial users since February. Tidal’s app is doing well, and interest is growing among younger fans. The goal line may still be fuzzy, but the playing field is making some room.

Desiree Perez is an experienced business woman. She runs SC Enterprises along with her husband Juan Perez and controls Roc Nation Sports. She is a master at crunching numbers and bold negotiation. Perez is one of the I love what I do for a living type of executives.  For more, follow Dez here.

Perez is a member in good standing of the Hova Circle of Influence that is the force pushing Tidal along. Desiree has a reputation as a take-charge leader who knows what she wants. Insiders say without question, she is the boss.  Check for some updates.

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