Desiree Perez Makes Tidal Stand Out

For the longest time Tidal was a business that many other people were not familiar with. It was a music streaming service before Jay-Z purchased it, but a lot of people did not know anything about it. It was his name and celebrity aaclaim that brought a lot of people to know what this business was about. Now he is making a great effort to move his business to another place. He has a strong desire to actually help people discover lossless audio of the highest quality.

Desiree Perez is the person that has been put in place to help Jay-Z accomplish these things. He has become a music streaming competitor that has gained a lot of acclaim for his ability to provide lossless audio and exclusive content.  For additional article, check on

It is obvious that Desiree Perez is cut from a different cloth when it comes to music streaming services. She has put herself in a place where she has the ability to help others that are interested in discovering the high-fidelity music experience. This is what she has helped Jay-Z use to connect with fans that may want the highest quality audio they can get from their streaming service. This is all part of the angle that she has brought forth when one considers the premium service that is connected to Tidal. This is not a free music streaming service, and that is why Desiree Perez knew that it would take more to lure customers into this environment.  To know more about Dez, visit

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Desiree Perez is helping Jay-Z prove one thing. She is helping him show that the music streaming is not limited to Spotify and Pandora. She has giving Jay-Z the tools that he needs to actually build a music streaming premium service that fans will flock to. It just takes the right type of content.  Check for related article.

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