The most important aspect of business is getting costumers convinced to try out your products or services. This is not always easy and thus good negotiation skills always come in handy. It even gets worse if the target customers are high-end and thus want the very best. However, Desiree Perez has no problem taking up these clients for Tidal. Tidal is a music streaming service that is owned by Jay Z. He bought it from Aspiro in early 2015, after its launch in 2014.

Desiree Perez has managed to convince A-list stars such as Kanye West, Rihanna, T.I and Beyonce to do business with Tidal. These artists have signed up exclusive access to their latest hits with Tidal. This move has pushed the company above its major competitors; Spotify and Apple. Perez has high negotiation skills which have enabled her to score major deals for her clients. For example, she was part of negotiations during Rihanna’s deal with Samsung and the formation tour for Beyonce.   Refer to for related article.

Perez is a close associate of Jay Z and has worked with him for close to 20 years. She is in the Hova Circle of Influence; a group of persons who run Roc Nation. Roc Nation is Jay Z’s entertainment company. Perez’s husband; Juan Perez is also part of Hova Circle of Influence and runs Roc Nation’s Sports. For Dez recent timeline activities, hit on this.  This has given Perez an exposure to sports too. She also has great management skills having managed Jay Z’s 40/40 club in Manhattan.  Check Dez latest  on

Under the leadership of Perez, Tidal has risen and continues to rise. The management hopes to sign up more artists and also provide quality services for its customers. Besides artists, Tidal is working on enhancing features for its subscribers through creativity and innovation. For example, it has introduced curated playlists where subscribers will be able to get playlists put together by Jay Z, famous artists and the Tidal Staff. Who wouldn’t want such a playlist? Follow also Dez on

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