Desiree Perez Is Making Tidal Great Again.

Tidal is a streaming music company that burst on the scene. Jay-Z had some issues with other executives and he ask Desiree Perez to join the team. As you might know, Dez is a winner in the music business. She has been working with ROC Nation and has won several awards in the music industry. Tidal needed a new music executive who knows what to do to help them achieve massive success and Jay-Z was smart to bring her on board.  Check on

Dez has become very significant in the growth of both the platform and the artists available on Tidal. The company has become re-established under the direction of Desiree Perez and that’s great news. Recording artists like Kayne West, T.I. and Rihanna have joined and even Beyoncé has got involved. Much of the music choices found there are exclusive to Tidal and that has lead to rapid growth. People download the app and enjoy their favorite artist, it’s pretty simple.  For more interesting News, head over to

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Jay-Z is the founder of Tidal and Perez has been his friend for many years. She helped him transform from rap artist to music mogul.By negotiating deals and running other parts of Tidal, Desiree has helped Jay-Z stay on path and bring the streaming music company to great heights. One of the things that they are working on is reaching out to the younger generation and offering them the highest quality of music available on a streaming music service. They are giving places like Spotify and Apple Music a run for their money too. Tidal has the latest and hottest music that is in demand. This is one area with the other music services seem to fall flat. They just don’t have the reputation with the top artists to make it happen and Dez does. They know her and she knows them, together they create a win for everyone.  Related story here.

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