David Mcdonald Takes Charge At OSI Group

David McDonald continues to push for growth at OSI Group. He is currently the company’s Chief Operations Officer and has supervised the handling of several different mergers. Each decision moved the company in a positive direction.

Baho Foods was an acquisition made by OSI Group in order to help the company established itself in the European region. Baho Foods is a well known organization in its own right and has made key mergers as well. Members of the Baho Foods team are counting on the resources that comes with being affiliated with a large organization like OSI Group.

Tyson Foods was also acquired by OSI Group in order to help the company maintain its footing with in a very competitive industry. Tyson Foods is a local Chicago area food manufacturer that was threatening to close for business. The closing of Tyson Foods would have cost several people their employment status. McDonald and his team were able to come in and secure the situation by purchasing Tyson Foods for 7.4 million dollars.

Flagship Food Group joined the OSI Group team shortly after Baho Foods. Flagship Food Group has a unique specialty including mayonnaise and other sauces. David McDonald will use the resources available make Flagship Food Group a valuable asset to a Fortune 500 company such as OSI.

David McDonald has taken time to ensure that the quality of OSI products and teamwork spread throughout the entire organization. He restructured leadership in various areas including China in order to establish a system of accountability. OSI Group releases sustainability report. David McDonald has also been able to ensure that the kind of people who belong at OSI Group are the kind that the company is hiring.

David McDonald attended Iowa State University in his home state of Iowa. He received a bachelor’s degree then moved right into the meat manufacturing business after school. He joined OSI Group immediately and has remained with the company ever since. David eventually ascended to the top spot in the organization due to his dedication and shared vision with OSI leadership.

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