ClassDojo Revolutionizes Learning in Schools

ClassDojo is an app that is used in the classroom for communication between parents, teachers and students. It is used throughout the school day to share student activities such classroom sessions, videos, photos, teacher’s notifications to parents and parent’s observations and questions.

ClassDojo helps the three parties work together as a unified team and as the information is sent and received in real time, there is no time lapse in the process. The students love the ClassJojo because it is what they are used to with the advent of smartphones and early computer literacy with most children.

Class Dojo has used actively in 90 percent of Kindergarten through Eighth-Grade schools in the United States as well as 180 other countries around the world. One in three students in the US from the ages of 5 to 14 has learned about the core principles in ClassDojo pertaining to Growth Mindset and Empathy.

ClassDojo gets into a lot of social skills and appreciation for other people and the empathy that it takes to involve themselves with other people and the things that they care about. Mindset is all about attitude and appreciation. Students learn to appreciate one another as well as parents and teachers, and how they can work together to attain a common goal.

Many of the tasks that take rote learning can be aided with ClassDojo, such as math and grammar studies. Plus the kids get to send home the goodies, like the “A” on the math paper, the great art picture they made in class, and videos. ClassDojo makes school fun and at the same time gets everyone on the same page of learning.