Christopher Burch Entrepreneurial Skills.

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch creative Capital where he dedicated his time to venture into business and being an active investor across a wide range of industries that would help him. The company’s investments expressed how Burch’s entrepreneurial skills and values help him vision new market opportunities by applying imaginations, creativity support and all positive and long-lasting impacts on all the consumer’s life.

He started his career when he was an undergraduate at Ithica College where together with his brother they began Eagles Eye apparel which grew to $165 million before they sold it. During his career in his early 40s when he was focusing on business, Christopher Burch participated in the rise of more than 50 companies that brought a greater significance to the companies. He took his time to understand the consumer’s behaviour with keen interest and this helped build a long track of record of connecting business, visit (

His creative thinking made him come up with the Creative Capital’s brand portfolio which included the current introduction of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and TRADEMARK to a list of established brands that were at some point accepted by Christopher including the well-known Faena Hotel, Jawbone and Voss Water.

Chris Burch has invested a lot in international real estates, fashion and technology which included the luxurious homes in Nantucket, New York and he has also worked with architect Philippe Stark and hotelier Alan Faena. Recently he has bought and took the initiative of renovating Nihiwatu which is the most expensive and luxurious resort on the Indonesia island of Sumba, get more information on

At the moment the company is supporting the development of many lifestyles and consumers products that are primarily ranging from retail and the home furnishings to the hospitality and technology industries which includes the raw foods, Little Duck Organics and soludos that have helped a lot in the business sector. Burch was on the Board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and he a known past President of The Pierre Hotel Co-operative Board. Chris Burch has majorly contributed to the fundraising to enable research, and philanthropic initiates are done at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York.

Many foundations helped in the improvement of his business that moulded the well-being of other citizens the organization included the China Association of social work, the Child Welfare League and the Henry street settlements. With his Creative Capital, he has boosted a lot to his organisation and has enabled him to expand his business through his wise decisions he made, read more information on