Christopher Burch and His Latest Endeavor

Christopher Burch is a veteran retailer, entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and a renown International hotelier. He has a forty -year career which commenced in 1976 while he was still an undergrad student at Ithaca College. His first Investment was with his brother Bob where they founded Eagles Eye apparel which grew in 165 million dollars before selling the company. During these years has taken part in the elation of fifty companies. All his achievements have been secured by his perfect entrepreneurial skills. Chris has acquired experience, investment acumen and has understood consumer behavior. Chris has been an investment Lord and has been behind big brands like Voss Water, Faena Hotel and universe and of course Torty Burch, see  His interest in lifestyle and luxury has driven him to take the industry by storm.

Nihi Sumba Island resort is one of his major investment. Since its start in 2012, it has continually grown. The enchanting resort is located in minute Indonesian Island called Sumba island, see on ( The resort first stated in 1988 with Claude and Petra Graves as a small hotel that accommodated surfers. The couple, after some years, needed aid and that is when Christopher Burch came. He bought the place and invested 30 million dollars to revive the place. He partnered with James McBride to make history. The resort was renovated and re-opened in 2015, hit

The resort could be termed as a safe haven. It is a quiet island, with plenty of space for privacy. Its unique setting makes it possible for guests to absorb the splendor and breathe taking beauty and natural essence of the island, go to ( It is said that the beach houses at Nihi were Isolated when the first people landed hundreds of years ago. They believed that the Marapu Spirit of the Sumbanese religion safeguarded the island. It is also believed that the presence can be felt through the vibrant energy infused by the resort.