Chris Linkas Discusses Early Retirement for Young People

If you are looking to meet long term financial goals such as retiring, saving for college or a home, or simply achieving financial freedom, taking the advice of investment professionals would be very helpful. One individual that can help to provide you with very sound guidance is Chris Linkas, who is current an investment and personal wealth advisor that has helped a lot of people achieve their personal financial goals. When meeting with Chris Linkas, one of the first things that he will tell you is that you need to start saving as soon as possible. There are many benefits that come when you start to save at a young age.


Teaches Discipline

One of the main advantages of starting to save at an early age is that you will learn personal financial discipline. In order to save money, you will need to setup a personal budget and stick to it. This will quickly teach you how to avoid overspending on products and services that you do not need to have. If you are able to start doing this at a very young age, it will set you up for a life of frugality and being able to save and invest enough money to live comfortably.


Compound Interest

Another that comes when you start to save and invest at an early age is that you will be able to take advantage of compound interest. When you start to save and invest at an early age, you will have far more years to save and crew interest compared to someone who waits until they’re older ( Over time, this will result in you earning more and more interest every year and building a portfolio that is far greater than someone who waited.


Take Risks

When you start to save and invest at an earlier age, you will also be able to take more risk than you would have if you waited. When you wait too long to start investing, you will not have the ability to take certain risks. This could result and you missing out on some very significant growth stocks and opportunities and that is what Chris Linkas emphasizes.