Provocative Lingerie Collection Launched by Honey Birdette

Women across the globe want to feel sexy and sensual. They turn to lingerie in order to help them achieve this feeling. Honey Birdette has recently launched their New York Collection. The collection features provocative lingerie to show off curves and add a hint of mystery.

The collection has been advertised as ideal for boudoir photo shoots as well as for a dominatrix-style look. The Collection consists of several lines: Miss D, Alex, Brittney, and Luna. Each has their own unique features with colors that range from white to black to purple.

Miss D might be the most provocative of the lines within the collection. Black satin meets silver rings to show off a bondage and BDSM inspired look. There are plenty of different looks, allowing women to get lingerie that allows them to express their naughtier side.

Honey Birdette is a sensual boutique that has been in Australia for over a decade. They have focused on premium lingerie and high-class toys to ensure people are able to turn up the heat in the bedroom. The boutique is the first of its kind in the country and they have expanded to offer their products around the globe.

The New York campaign video shows off a lot of the lingerie, which is modeled by women as they walk through the streets of New York City. It’s a fun video and Honey Birdette also offers a newsletter that people can subscribe to. Subscribers often get discounts for the products, including ones that can be applied to the new lingerie line.

Matthew Autterson: Denver Bioscience Expert

Matthew Autterson is the CEO of CNS Bioscience based out of Denver. He works to make sure that he can help people get the medical treatments that they need and that is something that has allowed him the chance to continue growing his business and making it better. He knows that he can get more out of the medical field and that he can do everything that is possible in bioscience to help out patients who need to feel better and who need to be able to have a more enjoyable life no matter what is going on with their health.


Before Matthew Autterson was running CNS Bioscience, he worked as a CEO in other industries. He knew a lot about the things that were going on in his business and he also knew that things that could make a business better. Because of the way that he was able to provide this type of help to people in different areas, he was the perfect fit for CNS Bioscience. He was also a great fit because of his willingness to help other people and make things better for those who were suffering from illness and injuries.


As a philanthropist, Matthew Autterson knows a lot about the things that he can do to help. He wants to try and make sure that people are going to be able to have the best life possible even if they are unable to help themselves do it. For Matthew Autterson to continue doing all of these things, he needs to make sure that he will get better with the options that he has and with the experiences that he is going through. He knows that using bioscience is the way of the future of medicine and that he will always be able to help people improve their lives when he is working to improve the different things in medicine.


Thanks to the opportunities that Matthew Autterson has created with CNS Bioscience, people are now able to get all of the things that will help them no matter what type of issue they are having. He wants to help improve neuropathic treatment options and also wants to show people that there are more things that they can do to feel better. Matthew Autterson is hoping that CNS Bioscience will be able to change the world of medicine and will be able to help people get better in different ways.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches New Program

Cancer Treatment Centers of America earlier this year announced the launch of Clinical Platforms, a new digital analysis platform designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer by eliminating all elements of guesswork from the process. The new platform is a collaborative effort between the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts and NantHealth. The idea behind it is to combine the clinical workflows in the electronic health record from Allscripts Sunrise with a clinical decision support solution – eviti- from NantHealth. By seamlessly integrating the two systems, Clinical Platforms will be able to inform the decisions made during treatment of cancer without interfering with the clinical workflows of the physician. The whole new system runs on the NantOS operating system which was created by NantHealth with input from thousands of oncologists drawn from all corners of the country.

Speaking during the announcement at the company’s head office, Cancer Treatment Centers of America CEO George Daneker described the new Clinical Pathways program as an ecosystem made up of treatment options that meet the program’s standards of care and which patients can read, compare and decide which treatment options to explore. Another advantage of the program is that it is regularly updated with the latest information gained from cancer treatment research making patients aware of every new treatment or procedure immediately it is approved.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network made up of 5 hospitals spread throughout the nation all of which are committed to treating adult cancer patients. The five hospitals in the system are located in Tulsa, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia. However, the treatment centers also attend to cancer patients from other parts of the world as well. Since its inception, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has consistently been ranked among the best-equipped hospitals in the entire country.

Desiree Perez Turns Tidal Streaming Music App Around

Shawn Carter, better known as “Jay-Z” in the music industry is not completely familiar with all aspects of the music business, but a few years ago he founded an app called “Tidal.” Initially, he tried to handle everything in-house, but with a constant turn around of executives, he knew he had to make a desperate call.

When Jay-Z transitioned from rap to managing his streaming music app, he thought he could corner the market. However, the transition was not as easy as he thought it would be. However, when things got tough, he paired up with Desiree Perez. Together, they have made the transition appear extremely simple.

Desiree Perez

Perez entered into the situation knowing that Tidal was an underdog in the streaming music industry. However, she is confident in her marketing capabilities and stated that the company will be around for a long time to come.

With a few changes in the way everything is managed, a change in the way marketing is handled, and changes in the way contracts are negotiated, Desiree Perez has this app reaching for the sky.

According to the, Perez is well-known for her business smarts and her ability to work with recording artists. Her husband is the head of Roc Nation Sports, who also has stake in the “Tidal” streaming music app.

Tidal’s Financial History

Tidal is known for its rocky financial history. It started with a much lower budget than other apps like it had. Since it plowed through several executives without creating a substantial profit, money was lost there too. When the company reached a financial pitfall, Perez stepped in to get a handle on the situation.  More on

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Since Perez has amazing negotiation skills, she has been able to sign off on a few multi-million dollar contracts, which has provided great relief for the company as a whole. At this rate, the app should be pulling in a substantial profit very soon.  For more updates from Dez click on

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Dubai Billionaire Hussein Sajwani Ready to Do More Deals with Trumps

The celebrated Damac Properties developer in real estate was set up by Hussain Sajwani in 2002, following an open door after the Dubai government allowed nonnatives to have property in the emirate. Buying land in a then-undeveloped part of town, he planned on how to sell his underlying 38-story private building within less than six months before starting the development. Since then, Sajwani enabled the image of Dubai to shine while portraying it as a major business destination.

Damac organization has worked together with global extravagance brands that are Versace & Fendi for planning of apartments while Donald Trump built modern golf courses. Some of the marketing methods that Sajwani utilized include a free BMW or Lamborghini for clients who bought apartments. Hussain Sajwani started his business adventure in food industry, whereby he pulled in customers like the Construction Giant Bechtel & US Military and presently, he still operates the business firms dealing with food services.

During the New Year’s Eve bash in Florida, Donald Trump addressed the guests in support and got out his sidekick and business associate Hussain Sajwani. As indicated by CNN, Trump termed Sajwani and his entire family as beautiful friends who attended the Dubai occasion to celebrate with Trump that evening. And more so, Trump noted that Hussain Sajwani and his colleagues enjoyed everything.

Obviously both Hussain Sajwani and Trump share affection for ostentatious real estates, while Sajwani utilizes his good marketing skills to sell his extravagance homes & flats. On the other hand, Bugatti-marked estates were getting ready to occupy 1,260 acres highlighting another Trump world green golf course. That is besides the space next to the glass-walled resting room where car owners can park and get a good view of the Bugatti sports car.

Sajwani similarly hit co-checking exchanges with Versace & Fendi among different properties that the Damac Company is currently establishing. Sajwani was back in the United States after the election was over where he met with Ivanka, and moving to Washington to be closer to the White House. Hussain Sajwani is the Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. He is likewise the Co & Chairman at Al Jazeira Services Co & DAMAC Holding LLC.

Desiree Perez Has A Plan To Help Tidal Compete With Apple Music

Tidal is the newest music firm on the market, and it is a competitor for Apple Music that appears to be more youthful and ready to offer better prices. Desiree Perez has built the service to ensure customers will save money, and she is positioning the company to ensure it will help every customer save money. This article explains how the Tidal service will lower its prices for every customer, and there are many who will come over from Apple Music because of Desiree’s work.


#1: What Does Desiree Bring To The Table?


She is an executive at ROC Nation that has taken over Tidal to ensure it will be a viable product. The product is growing every day, and it offers music that is popular with the younger customers who are using the service. The service has been building under Desiree’s leadership, and she wishes to ensure it looks different than everything on the market. Someone who wishes to find better music will see it at Tidal, and they will appreciate the layout of the site.


#2: The Site Is Colorful


The site is a colorful place that attracts young customers every day, and it is a site that makes customers feel welcome. The background of the site alone is quite attractive, and it helps customers feel as though they have landed in the proper place. They may choose from any category they like, and they will enjoy the music they find under each category.


#3: Passing Savings To Customers


Desiree Perez is passing off savings to customers as she manages the company, and she is watching what other services are doing to ensure they have the best prices. She is responsible for a massive investment at ROC Nation, and she knows the business will grow with a higher volume of customers coming through the door every year. Her passion for music is reflected in the business, and it helps people when they are searching for a way to make their next music selection.


Tidal has grown quite a lot, and it is a lovely business that helps customers choose music they will listen to every day. The music they purchase is stored on their account at Tidal, and they become a part of the ROC Nation family. Desiree Perez has built the the company over the years to be the best option as opposed to others on the market.

Laidlaw & Company Gets Additional Charges from Relmada Therapeutics

In December, 2015 Laidlaw & Company was charged with violating financial regulations in their dealings with Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company. Laidlaw was charged with releasing false and misleading information about Relmada, which damaged shareholder value. Laidlaw had served as the primary investment banker for the company’s prior offerings and other investment banking services. Laidlaw was in effect, trying to manipulate the company’s share price in order to take control of the company.

Laidlaw has a long history of acting inappropriately, violating securities laws and financial regulations. Laidlaw formerly operated as Sands Brothers International. They were incorporated in England, but operate primarily in New York. For the two years between 2007 and 2009, the received more than 60 customer complaints and claims that they damaged the value of their clients. They were also sanctioned by FINRA for not reporting the complaints.

Laidlaw was charged with failing to establish and follow procedures for compliance with anti-money laundering and email retention. They created inaccurate communications records with clients, and failed to implement adequate supervisory controls within the company. The two principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern have a poor history of looking after their client’s best interests. They do not seem to have gotten a handle on the fact that the securities industry is based on following a set of rigid regulations and rules, which applies to them as well.