Dr. Akhil Reddy; The Wine Expert

You don’t always have to pay a huge amount of money to have good wine. Similarly, the wine does not have to have a big name brand either, for you to enjoy. The market is filled with a huge number of inexpensive options when it comes to wines. Here is Dr. Akhil Reddy to guide you into having an amazing and exquisite wine experience that will remain in your budget.

According to a report by the French Tribune, a guide was given by Dr. Akhil Reddy on how to get an excellent wine experience with elegant taste without spending big bucks. He talked about some of the topnotch French wines out there in the market. The ones he mentioned were below a 30 dollar budget. Dr. Akhil Reddy said that people should give these wines a shot as they taste just as good as any other expensive bottle of wine does.
Dr. Akhil Reddy is actually considered as a wine connoisseur. He not only promotes and encourages inexpensive dental care but in addition to that he promotes an affordable bottle of wines as well.

The wines that Dr. Reddy mentioned include Chateau Mont Perat Castillion that can be purchased for just $11 and the Chateau Beaumont, Haut Medoc that can also be purchased for just $11. The manufacturers of these two wines always make sure to use the best dark berries. According to them, it gives the wine a bubbly look. Dr. Akhil Reddy believes that the concentrated flavors of the two mentioned wines can be used for an amazing wine tasting experience.

Dr. Akhil Reddy has also talked about what proper clothing doctors should wear with a lab coat. He featured an article about this as well. Dr. Reddy mentioned some amazing options from the Bro Talk that look stunning with a doctor’s lab coat. These options included dark colored jeans, formal shirt, coat and tie, and a combination of a dress shirt with Chinos.

According to Dr. Reddy, casual clothing is what most of the dentists go for with a lab coat these days. It not only is comfortable but also gives a formal look. He believes that this is one the best choice a doctor can go for when selecting what to wear. This causal look basically can go with every kind of profession. He also mentioned khakis and a T-shirt that are extremely comfortable and quick to wear.

James Dondero: Highland Capital Management’s CEO Making an Indelible Mark in Business and Philanthropy

James Dondero’s reputation as a top entrepreneur remains unmatched. As the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero has proven to be a force to reckon with courtesy of his three decades’ worth of experience. Under his insightful leadership, Highland Capital Management has grown in leaps and bounds to become an award winning enterprise specializing in the provision of in-demand products and solutions for retail investors and institutions. More importantly, James Dondero is credited with developing Highland Capital Management into a multinational corporation with $14.9 billion in assets at its disposal. As a testament to its excellence, the company diversifies service delivery through the following affiliates: NexPoint Capital (specializing in healthcare), NexPoint residential trust (REIT) and Acis Capital Management (CLOs).

Highland Capital Management is proud to have achieved numerous accolades under the leadership of Mr. Dondero. Under his management, the company has become the prime beneficiary of several awards such as the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities (2014), Morning Star’s Long/Short Equity Fund and Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014 to name a few.

Apart from practicing business with proficiency, James Dondero also takes ample time to tend to various philanthropic duties aimed at uplifting the education and living standards of the community. For starters, Mr. Dondero pledged a $1 million grant from Highland Capital to top up the Family Place’s $16.5 million capital investment. Education wise, he also donated $ 1 million to develop a 4,485 square-foot Highland “hut” aimed at promoting educational exhibitions and private ceremonies at the Dallas Zoo.

The Establishment of Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program

Highland Capital’s $2 million contribution to the Southern Methodist University equips brilliant undergraduate students with exposure to abroad studying opportunities, meaningful senior internships, access to influential global leaders and exposure to public policymaking.

James Dondero’s Profile

Prior to holding the executive position at Highland Capital, James Dondero initially began his career as an analyst before scaling the corporate ladder and serving as a corporate bond analyst and a Portfolio Manager for American Express in 1989.

Dondero is an alumnus of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Additionally, he also holds certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant.

Agora Financial Helps Their Readers Build Wealth With Their Extensive Research and Accurate Predictions

Agora Financial is a private publishing company who helps individuals build the money they need for their retirement. They predict and analyze the future trends of the market so people can make sound investments while controlling their own money. Unlike brokers who will charge you a large commission and companies who will steal your wealth, Agora Financial helps you build your wealth. They offer a free newsletter online, publish documents, and have books read by millions of readers to help you in your goal. They do not accept any money for their coverage and take the time to fully investigate any opportunities. Agora Financial spends a million dollars every year to travel and research new opportunities. They realize once most people hear about an investment it is no longer new and already far too expensive. They find the new ideas when they are sill inexpensive so you can invest at the right time and grow your wealth.

Agora Financial uses free and paid publications to provide market news and commentary that is accurate and unbiased. Since they are 100 percent independent they are able to refuse any company or investor offering money for coverage. They are one of the subsidiaries of Agora Incorporated which was established in 1979. Their financial publications include a financial e-letter, The Daily Reckoning, and the Plague of the Black Debt. Their economic forecasts have been incredibly accurate.

Agora Financial has a history of being ahead of the mainstream’s financial media. They made their readers aware of American Airlines bankruptcy, Lehman Bros. collapse, the panic of 2008, the credit bubble, and the housing bubble before the incidents occurred. This enabled their readers to protect themselves from these events. Their team of insightful editors challenges the outlets associated with traditional publishing by offering commentary that is accurate, unbiased, and necessary. Agora Financial takes the path the others are afraid to walk on.

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Talos Energy Shines in Mexico

Omar Yunes is a Mexican based entrepreneur risen to fame due to his political engagements of his family. He has in the recent days been recognized as the best franchise in the world. He operates restaurants all over Mexico under the Sushi Itto brand, the Japanese restaurant chain coupled with a western twist. Currently, he runs over 30 units located in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. He has employed more than four hundred employees in his establishment.


In Mexico, the brand has over ninety restaurants. The brand also has a significant representation in South America. Most of these restaurants being in Mexico, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras. The franchise award aims at recognizing growth and innovative achievements in the franchise industry.


The award helps the establishment to prosper by motivating several firms to increase leadership, teamwork as well as operational processes per the brand policy. The winning of the award is a proof of the efforts put in place by Omar Yunes to efficiently grow the brand.


  1. Yunes was recognized due to his efforts of effectively changing the relationship between the franchisee and the brand. It also puts Mexico in the limelight and honors Mr. Yunes for routing for excellence in hospitality, customer relations, and product offering.

Here is the interesting part, Mr. Yunes signed with the company when he was only twenty-one years of age. From this tender age, he has been able to create networks and develop his unit to be one of the best in Mexico. It is estimated that the value of each hotel is about five million pesos.


  1. Yunes has an in depth information of eating and dining patterns in Mexico. The understanding has enabled him to leverage his venture working abroad and still become the leading restaurant chain in Mexico.

Omar Yunes family is famous across Mexico due to its involvement in politics. However, Mr. Yunes want to make and develop his name through successful engagement in business. He has done it with the Sushi Itto brand. He hopes to increase the scope by adding more units to the restaurant. He wants to be the best restaurant firm in the nation.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offers New Treatment Platform to Patients

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has announced a collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts to integrate clinical support in cancer treatment. The medical platform with give doctors the best choices for treatment to bring to patients, with the aid of a decision support system and evidence of treatment effectiveness. This program uses the input of hundreds of doctors that are actively working to treat cancer in patients and looks at all types of cancer data- from care to results to treatment performance.

Most importantly, this new platform ensures that no option available to a patient is left out of the decision making process. Up to date data, new treatments, and clinical methods are all gathered and presented to doctors in the moment. This method will free up time that doctors desperately need to treat patients, and reduce the number of overlooked options that are out there.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a system of hospitals in the United States that focuses on treating all aspects of illness faced by cancer patients. By treating the whole mind and body of the patient, oncologists believe that cancer patients have the best chance for survival and healing. The single health center rapidly grew from a single center to an entire network, across the country, established within hospitals where patients could receive access to all types of treatments and services.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is best known for providing access to all types of treatment, treatment that many oncologists will not consider or cannot offer. Conventional, as well as experimental treatments are all used in order to provide the best options for each patient according to their specific needs.

Talos Energy and The Drilling That Has Been Happening

For roughly 80 years, Mexico has excluded foreign companies from drilling off of its coast. However, in 2015, a deal was struck that allowed foreign investors to come in and bid for drilling rights. As a result, three companies won the rights to drill and have drilled in what is called in the Zama-1 well, in the Sureste Basin.

Drilling in the Zama-1 well was cut out to be a success because of the geology of where it lies. The operation began on May 21st, and was expected to take roughly 90 days to be finished. However, the drilling was finished on July 2nd, 2017, which means that the drilling took only 55 days. The cost of the drilling project was projected be $16 million. The well is under 546 feet, or 166 meters of water, and is located 37 miles, or 60 kilometers, from the Port of Dos Bocas. The well’s initial shallow target vertical depth is 3,383 meters, or 11,100 feet. There have been samples of hydrocarbon taken from the well. These samples show us that there is light oil with API gravities that are somewhere between 28 degrees and 30 degrees.

Talos Energy is one of the three companies that is involved in this drilling operation. Drilling in this part of the world is not new to them. In fact, ever since the year of 2012, when they founded, they have been operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Their headquarters is not too far away either; being in Houston, Texas.

Talos Energy owns about 35% of the operation off the shore of Mexico, and operates the well. Talos has founded and sold companies that were private equity backed. These transactions have resulted in significant gains for their investors. The names of these companies were Gryphon Exploration and Phoenix Exploration.

Omar Yunes Competes For Best Franchisee Award

Omar Yunes took home the title for Best Franchisee of The World in the 2015 competition. This competition was held in Florence, Italy and is held on a yearly basis. The location changes but no matter where the event is held, representatives come from place like Portugal, Hungary, France, Spain and Mexico. The most succesful and important leaders from these different countries meet up to recognize those who have had the biggest impact in the industry. They also get together to discuss the great ideas from these different industry leaders in order to improve the world all around.

In order to decide who will attend the international event, each country will hold their own regional version. Only then do the send one or two people to compete. In 2015, Mexico did just that. In their own version of Best Franchisee of the World, both Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes were recognized and send to Florence, Italy to compete. This was huge for Mexico because this marked the first year that they have been able to be represented at this event as a country.

Omar Yunes was recognized for his role with Sushi Itto. He became Franchisee of the Japanese style restaurant chain when he was only 21 years old. Since then, he has succesfully expanded Sushi Itto by adding an additional 13 unites under his name. He also expanded his total workforce to include around 400 employees. He won first place at the international competition as Best Franchisee for the role he has played with Sushi Itto as well as the new systems he implemented. Some of these amazing accomplishments include a new control and measurement system as well as better customer service relationships.

Ivan Tamer, on the other hand, is Franchisee of Prendamex. Prendamex is basically a series of local Pawnshops located in and around Mexico. He was recognized in Mexico’s version of Best Franchisee and was also sent to represent Mexico in Florence, Italy. Ivan Tamer was initially recognized for the new marketing system he set up within his series of Pawnshops. Due to all the success and revenue he receive from that system, he became well known and other companies wanted to adopt his style.

The Reward of Focus from Omar Yunes Life

Yunes Determination from young adulthood

Omar Yune has remained focused throughout his life since he was age 21 and in 2015, he received a global reward because of his diligence and focus. His mind was clear on what he wanted to attain for his future such that he did not have time to waste with his peers. At that young age, he applied to get a license as a franchise for Sasha Itto and operate in Mexico. It is possible that he never imagined that he would be the award winning guy in the world as the best franchise in a contest with thirty-four participants. However, you know the power of hard work, motivation and focus and how they have skyrocket someone’s success. Focus ensures that one is not derailed from the course they have set themselves to realize. As such, Yune was determined, remained passionate and motivated about what he was doing.

Omar Yune and the Global BFW Reward

The award he got is not a small thing since it is an acknowledgment that in that year throughout the world he was found to stand out above Mexicans and also global franchises, something that does not come easily. He stands out in the hospitality industry, and the brand has gone beyond country borders to other nations in the world.

Apparently, Omar is one humble person since after receiving the award he did not take the pride inwards and boast of how focused and motivated he was. He gave credit to his employees in his thirteen Franchise units who had worked tirelessly hard to ensure quality products and excellence in customer satisfaction. That was amazing and depicted the marks of a great and outstanding leader who is worthy to be emulated. The CEO of Sushi Itto Network was delighted to see Omar attain the reward. To him, the award was not only to Omar Yunes but to the Sushi Itto Network, in general, showcasing it as a brand of reputation characterized by quality and excellence.

The 3 Best Treatment Centers In The US For Colon Cancer

Often the colon, is the site of one of the most common cancer diseases known in the world. According to MedicineNet.com, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in men and the fourth most common cancer in women. The National Cancer Institute estimates that of colon cancer more than 49,000 deaths and about 150,000 new cases will learn about the best places to treat this disease. For survival, early detection is crucial and proper treatment of information is the key.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

It is located in New York City, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer holds second place as a general cancer clinic of US News and World Report. Treatment of Sloan-Kettering Colorectal cancer is beneficial in many ways because it provides not only early detection, but means and treatment with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Yet it is good to know that many doctors are researchers and clinicians. This means that patients often have access to the latest clinical trials to tackle new approaches to assessing the disease.

Sidney Kimmel Center full of Caner

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Integral Center, of Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins Hospital. This treatment facility and research stated to be at or near the top in a variety of capacities to fight the disease, including bowel cancer.

Doctors and researchers at the John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center claim to be the precursors of early detection methods that ultimately save the lives of cancer patients. Kimmel Center was the first to decode the genome of colorectal cancer and provide studies for cancer that should prevent the actual onset of cancer in the early stages. The work at the Kimmel Center has already taken blood samples from people for colorectal cancer to screen a family history of the disease. The center is also at the top of surgical techniques to remove tumors in advanced cases of colorectal cancer, including cryotherapy, according to the Cancer Center site.

The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is known as a leader in the treatment of cancer of the colon and diagnosis. Among the available treatments at the Mayo Clinic are the procedures that are not widely available in all treatment facilities, including minimally invasive surgery, intraoperative radiotherapy and various methods of colostomy.

Mayo Clinic has one of the largest in the surgical practice of the colon and rectum in the world, performing over 2,500 surgeries per year for the removal of tumors, and over 30,000 colonoscopy. The clinic is also a world leader in the use of “virtual colonoscopy”, a new technology for diagnosis.

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Agora Financial Home of Investors

Agora Financial is a firm that consists of international analysts that assist investors in securing viable investments. Agora Financial offers potential investors sound advice on where to invest their capital through publications. The firm achieves this roll by carrying out research all over the world and identifying areas that would benefit investors. The firm has over the years maintained an excellent reputation by ensuring that other companies do not fund their research.

Agora Financial has a very competent team that ensures the success of its clients. The team consists of a Geologist who is a Harvard graduate, a self-made billionaire and philanthropist, astute bond experts, an ex-hedge fund manager, an-banker to the presidents, an award winning novelist, a film maker, and a journalist. The team ensures that proper research has been carried out. The team also provides that the research findings get to the clients on time. This happens through publications presented to the customer.

Agora Financials also offers its clients advice on how to manage their wealth. The team ensures that their customers can invest their returns in ventures that will guarantee them wealth maximization. Moreover, the firm can identify potential businesses from all over the world including South Africa, and Malaysia.

Agora Financial Company

Agora Financial is a publishing entity that focuses on informing its clients on potential business ventures. The company is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was started in the year 1979 by Bill Bonner; he was a renowned financial writer and author of several notable works such as the Empire of Debt.

Agora Financial produces publication ranging from email publications to books. The company also holds conferences to give its clients sound financial advice and the current market predictions. The company also uses the social media platform to inform its readers. The company updates its social media platform daily.

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