The Oxford Club Helps Members Down the Road Toward Financial Freedom

The Oxford Club is a growing private network of investors who are driven to outperform the markets with time-tested strategies that power their portfolios. The products that they’ve developed give their members an edge when approaching complex, volatile markets which are always fluid. They convey their market wisdom in the form of newsletters and trading services that have been crafted by experts with a deep well of experience to draw from.


The Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club is the best-selling writer Alexander Green and he pens their flagship newsletter called the Oxford Communique. Here, he offers first-rate market analysis and trading ideas to help their members achieve outstanding returns. He also writes the popular essay series called Beyond Wealth and he expounds upon politics, philosophy and general principles for healthy living.


Green doesn’t stop there though. The Momentum Alert is one of The Oxford Club’s trading services based upon the heavily researched and authenticated strategy of momentum stocks. Using reams of past data, he is adept at identifying fast moving stocks which could rapidly outpace the indexes.

The Oxford Income Letter is another outstanding product that helps members build high performing income portfolios with the best dividend stocks. Stock picks and expert analysis gives members the chance to reduce risk and increase returns. This newsletter also highlights many choice opportunities in the bond markets as well.


The pattern of growth that The Oxford Club has demonstrated for over three decades is substantial and they aren’t done yet. They have members in 131 countries and are truly global in nature. Their chief goal is to help their more than 157,000 members achieve lasting wealth with successful investing.


Memberships are available in three different levels that give access to their products. Subscribing to one of their excellent newsletters is the basic level called the Premier category. The Director’s Circle gives members access to all three newsletters and takes investing to a new level. The Chairman’s Circle is complete access to all publications and extras at their website and provides the most value.


The Oxford Club gives its members the chance to attain lasting wealth that goes beyond money. Financial independence can open many doors so that one may focus on the most important things in life like friends, family, and building a better locality.

The Chainsmokers: Release of the New Song Sick Boy

The Chainsmokers are on a role now. It is easy to think that the Chainsmokers have been around for decades, and it feels that way at times, especially to some of the electronic dance music fans who are relatively young fans. But the truth is that the Chainsmokers have been in the mainstream spotlight for two years now. They started to become famous in 2015, when they released “Roses”. Since then, they have been on top ten lists now, and not only for months, but for years.

The duo began to sing once they came into the mainstream spotlight. But this explosion of success comes with a downside to it. There is a tremendous pressure to perform at a high level, and that pressure continues to grow as the Chainsmokers continue to rack up months on the top ten lists. The Chainsmokers could easily put out another half dozen singles that display their signature mix between electronic dance music, and top 40 pop. This would be fairly easy for them to do. But Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have something bigger than that in mind.

They recently released “Sick Boy”, and it took nine months, which is a long time, considering that they have traditionally like to put out one new song every month in an effort to stay current and to provide fans with up to date music. This new song “Sick Boy” was created in an attempt to silence the critics, and also to talk about issues that exist in society today. The music is darker, and this also represents a new chapter in the legacy of the Chainsmokers. They will continue to attract new fans with this darker style of music, and this will allow the duo to continue to revolutionize the industry as a whole.

Agora Financial Reach Your Financial Goals With Ease

Getting rich is not only about hard work but also about making smart investment choices. The financial market is filled with various investment choices that people need to choose from, but it is difficult to know which investment option would do what it claims to. Most of the investment options are market-linked and thus, the downfall in the market would take down the investments as well. Doing a little research before investing ensures that people do not have to suffer losses. There are many finance based publications that offer generic and complex financial advice on how to go about investments.

One of the leading publishing firms, in this case, is Agora Financial, which has over twenty publications under it. The company has a solid research team that takes every parameter of financial prediction and market analysis into consideration before publishing the report in their publications for the readers to use. Such information is very crucial for the readers as they can use it to make investment choices and for an exit strategy when invested in the market. Agora Financial in the past has been able to predict which way the market would be swinging and it has helped the readers save millions of dollars collectively.

People these days need to look out for ways to not only make money but also protect their wealth. Financial expertise is required in order to make it happen, and it is where Agora Financial comes in. The company has a pool of experienced investment analysts and business experts who know how the financial markets work and can help simplify the complicated financial language for its readers. Wealth creation over a period needs solid economic strategy and a considerable amount of smart investments, and it is what Agora Financial would help you do. The information the publications of Agora Financial provides would ensure you reach your long-term financial goals.

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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America Prostate Cancer Screening is a Team Effort

One in seven men ill be diagnosed with prostate cancer sometime in their lifetime. In 2017, it is predicted that 161,360 new cases in prostate cancer will be diagnosed. African American men are at higher risk of developing the disease. Prostate cancer, when not detected early, is a deadly disease. It must be dealt with proactively.

Many physicians and researchers working at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America agree that detecting prostate cancer and treating the disease in its earliest stages is the best way to ensure higher rates of survival for most men afflicted with it. There are different types of this cancer, but with the proper diagnosis from one of the doctors at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a unique course of treatment can be prescribed to ensure a high survival rate.

Prostate Cancer is now the leading cause of cancer death among men. In an effort to raise awareness about this disease, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp have joined forces. Beginning this September, 2000 free prostate cancer screenings will be offered to men that are 40 years in age or older. The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening will be offered by LabCorp at any of their 1,750 facilities in the United States. In order to be eligible for the free screenings, you must be 40 or older and meet certain requirements. After all 2000 free screenings have been filled, eligible men may schedule an appointment for a screening for $25 during the sign up period from September 1 to October 15. The screenings must be completed within 6 months of the date which you have signed up.

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Cassio Audi: From a Musician to an Entrepreneur

Latin American music was heavily influenced by the pop music of the United States and Europe. They have been creating their music following patterns and styles that originated from the pop culture of the United States and Europe. Cassio Audi is one of the most iconic Latin American musician who rose to fame during the 1980s. He came from Brazil, and his career rose after he became a drummer for Viper, a well-known band. He is one of the most prominent members of the band, and fame followed him wherever he goes. As a child, Cassio Audi’s parents knew that he would become a great musician one day, as he already excelled in playing the drums. He joined local competitions when he was younger, especially in schools, and his big break came in 1980. He auditioned to become the group’s drummer, and he was selected at a very young age because of his talent. The band members never hesitated to choose him even if he was only a teenager because for them, what matters most is his talent. He earned the group’s respect, and he started performing with the band during their recording. He would also come to their gigs and tours, and people started noticing him as he performed. He wrote a song for Viper, and the band became more popular. Cassio Audi’s fanbase in Brazil, and in some Latin American countries, became stronger. He has a unique drumming style that managed to get the attention of Brazilian metal fans, and Cassio Audi became a legend.

Cassio Audi would have to leave the group later on in 1989, after being with them for almost a decade. He left a legacy with Viper, with Soldiers of Sunrise being their most famous album to date. Cassio Audi is presently working with the financial industry, and he is happy with his new career.

Bishop Thomas Williams-Founder Of The Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota has bragging rights when it comes to beautifully crafted historic places of worship. The architecture of some of the churches found throughout the state shows the history and the cultures that worshiped here.

Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, dating from 1916 and located in Minneapolis, was based on a church building in Cambridge, England. The English Rural Gothic architecture features pointed spires boasting it’s center spire was once the second tallest high point in the city.

Church of St. Columba in St. Paul features an unusual mix of Art Deco/Moderne and French Norman-style architecture built in 1950 although the parish was founded in 1914. This church’s corners is built of Indiana limestone and the steeple is concrete.

Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead is styled after a Stave church building located in Vik, Norway. The church can be found in a lush park on the banks of Red River of the North at the Hjemkomst Heritage Center. It is noted for its detailed wood-carved interior.

A church of interest, located in Minneapolis, is The Mighty Fortress Church and Ministries founded by Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Williams has created a safe place to preach and teach the word of God to those who are hungry for God’s wisdom and love. Everyone is welcome to worship. This is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, meeting place where casual dress is acceptable.

The goals of this ministry are to spread the Word of God, locally and internationally, as the way for a person to a happier and more fulfilling life. Worship services and events are inspiring to those who want to live a more prosperous, love-filled existence. The services are geared to modern lifestyle and challenges.

The Mighty Fortress Church founder and senior pastor achieved his training at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He earned his BA Degree at North Central University, a Master of Arts Degree from Bethel University and Seminary, and two Honorary Doctorate Degrees. His BA was focused in Mass Communications, and his MA in Organizational Leadership. He has a partner in his life and his ministry. She is Mrs. Sabrina R. Grant – Williams and they have three lovely children.

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The Achievements and Strategies of Highland Capital Management

The role of Highland Capital is about the provision of consultation services related to investment. They work in close cooperation with its associates and they currently have assets with a value of about $14.9 billion. It is for this reason that categorization places it among the best managers globally through acting as one of the best alternative choice to its competitors. The focus of the firm is in line with credit policies. For instance, the exceptional and troubled situations secretive equity, the CLOs together with the long-only funds as well as separate accounts.
Additionally, the Highland Capital enhances the provision of substitute investments. They include equities, the developing markets as well as natural properties. Equities, in this case, include both the short term and the long term. The firm’s extensive client base is made up of pension strategies, organizations, the government, the financial societies, high-net-worth personnel as well as organizations.
Dallas, Texas is the base of the Highland Capital Management’s headquarters. The locations of the office facilitating the firm’s maintenance include Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore and New York.
Mark Okada and James Dondero are the founders of the company. The establishment took place in 1993. The firm has continually survived despite the availability of a stiff competition all along. The cause of success is behind the capability to make the choices that are correct alongside the role of prioritizing the categorizations. The firm considers that the community is most important. The society is thus the one that gets the most attention before any other individual or group.
As well, the firm indulges in ventures in other areas outside of the financial markets. They are, therefore, able to invest suitably in the areas of residence and work of their employees.
Remarkably, there are various financial corporations universally. That clarifies the availability of different grounds for the survival of different firms. The existence of adequate resources and a skilled managerial staff is essential. It ensures that the company operations go on smoothly without encountering losses. The fact that the corporation has all the demands necessary for success in the market explains its continual survival up to this time.

MB2 Dental Allowing Dentists to Focus on Providing Effective Treatment

Many factors come into play when running a dental office efficiently and successfully. The dentists have to take care of many different aspects of the business machinery other than treating patients, and this can be tiring and at times, frustrating. MB2 Dental practice addresses these issues in a very delicate manner through its professional services that take care of every aspect of running a dental clinic successfully. It helps the dentists to care for the patients and forget all the other administrative worries.

MB2 Dental has a huge presence in the United States and more than 80 dental offices are affiliated with the company at the moment. It is often seen that when a dentist starts his or her independent dental practice, they have a tough time recruiting the right people, managing the documentations, handling the appointments, taking care of billing and accounts, and so on. Even when the employees are there, many of the aspects of clinic operations has to be supervised and monitored carefully to ensure there are no glitches. It is what takes away the enthusiasm from the lives of dentists, and it also negatively impacts the performance of the dentist.

MB2 Dental manages every aspect of running the dental office successfully, starting from recruitment, HR, billing, accounts, appointments, credentialing, medical records keeping, reception, and more. It ensures that the dentists don’t have to worry about any other administrative or clerical tasks of running a dental office and can only focus on providing effective treatment to the patients. It also helps in uplifting the image of the dental practice and adds to the positive reputation of the dentist in the area. The best part is that the suite of services offered by MB2 Dental is cost-effective and doesn’t cost a fortune, which is all the more reason why dentists should considering getting affiliated to MB2 Dental.

The good thing about using the services of MB2 Dental is that even after leaving all the clerical and administrative tasks to MB2 Dental, the control of the clinic still resides with the clinic owner or the dentist who owns the practice. It helps the business owner to feel that they are still in charge and any changes in how the dental clinic operates would first need to be approved by the dentist. The dentists who just passed from the dental schools can also get considerable help in getting their internship by joining MB2 Dental internship program.

Honey Birdette is Pushing Boundaries to Enhance Customer Experience

Honey Birdette, top Australian Lingerie brand, recently launched an e-commerce site dedicated to its US customers. Over the last one year, the US online sales for Honey Birdette has grown by over 374%. The e-commerce platform will support this growth and enhance the shopping experience. It will also enable Honey Birdette showcase more of its products, deliver faster and process customer returns easily. There is also an incentive for customers who place orders above 50 dollars.

As part of their strategic plan 2018, they intend to increase the store networks in the UK from three to forty. The US market is also listed as an opportunity for growth more so in the retail spaces. Their inaugural store outside Australia, opened last year and is situated in the Covent Gardens, London. Honey Birdette has lined up ten more new openings in Newcastle, Liverpool, Stratford and Westfield, UK.

About Honey Birdette
A discussion between two friends over a glass of champagne birth the idea that would translate into a successful enterprise. The friends saw an opportunity in the luxury lingerie and accessories market in Australia. By 2006, Honey Birdette began operations with a single store in Australia.

Honey Birdette offers bold, exquisite and energetic designs that help customers discover who they are. There are 55 Honey Birdette stores in Australia. The Honey Birdette Premium label also targets the high-end market in Europe. The label retails for a minimum of 35 euros and 60 euros for briefs and bras respectively.

They leverage fast fashion strategies, releasing four new line each month to keep the excitement among the customers. The Honey Birdette team actively engages its customers through social media to understand their needs and improve their services. The company’s desire to enhance the customer’s experiences makes them push boundaries, incorporate quality and creative designs, implement aggressive strategies and regularly keep in touch with the clients.

Honey Birdette’s goal in five years is to conquer the world.

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Dr. Akhil Reddy; The Wine Expert

You don’t always have to pay a huge amount of money to have good wine. Similarly, the wine does not have to have a big name brand either, for you to enjoy. The market is filled with a huge number of inexpensive options when it comes to wines. Here is Dr. Akhil Reddy to guide you into having an amazing and exquisite wine experience that will remain in your budget.

According to a report by the French Tribune, a guide was given by Dr. Akhil Reddy on how to get an excellent wine experience with elegant taste without spending big bucks. He talked about some of the topnotch French wines out there in the market. The ones he mentioned were below a 30 dollar budget. Dr. Akhil Reddy said that people should give these wines a shot as they taste just as good as any other expensive bottle of wine does.
Dr. Akhil Reddy is actually considered as a wine connoisseur. He not only promotes and encourages inexpensive dental care but in addition to that he promotes an affordable bottle of wines as well.

The wines that Dr. Reddy mentioned include Chateau Mont Perat Castillion that can be purchased for just $11 and the Chateau Beaumont, Haut Medoc that can also be purchased for just $11. The manufacturers of these two wines always make sure to use the best dark berries. According to them, it gives the wine a bubbly look. Dr. Akhil Reddy believes that the concentrated flavors of the two mentioned wines can be used for an amazing wine tasting experience.

Dr. Akhil Reddy has also talked about what proper clothing doctors should wear with a lab coat. He featured an article about this as well. Dr. Reddy mentioned some amazing options from the Bro Talk that look stunning with a doctor’s lab coat. These options included dark colored jeans, formal shirt, coat and tie, and a combination of a dress shirt with Chinos.

According to Dr. Reddy, casual clothing is what most of the dentists go for with a lab coat these days. It not only is comfortable but also gives a formal look. He believes that this is one the best choice a doctor can go for when selecting what to wear. This causal look basically can go with every kind of profession. He also mentioned khakis and a T-shirt that are extremely comfortable and quick to wear.