The Quest For Success

Aside from unconditional love and support, a quality education is one of the best things a parent can give to a child. With so many options available for education, choosing the best one for your child can often prove to be a difficult one. Typically, families opt to enroll their children in the local educational programs offered through their communities. These facilities, often referred to as public schools are free of charge, but often lack in diverse learning and advanced curriculum. While private schools and education centers may offer a different educational experience, tuition and fees can make this option less available to some families. Fortunately, there are inexpensive options for parents in search of a more tailored education.


Located in New York City, Success Academy offers children and families an unmatched learning activity at no cost to them. Admission is open to all students in the state of New York, creating more opportunity for advancement and diversity. To give each student an equal chance, there is no testing required for admission. Instead, the names of new attendees are randomly drawn each April, giving children of all races, and financial class the same opportunity. With more than 40 facilities across the state, the Success Academy network has the ability to reach and teach more than 12,000 students in the Big Apple.


Since 2006, Success Academy has helped transform the lives of young scholars from elementary and through high school through unmatched learning experiences. The dedication and hard work from staff and faculty at Success Academy has landed them a spot in the running for the most prestigious charter school in the country. With the shared goal of producing hard working scholars, the Success Academy team has fully dedicated their careers to improving the lives of the children and families in their communities.